Warzone night mode ‘confirmed’ by in-game glitch

Warzone night mode ‘confirmed’ by in-game glitch

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Jack Marsh


13th Sep 2023 15:11

In the wake of a rumoured Haunting of Al Mazrah event - the sequel to Verdansk's Halloween ventures - it looks like darkness is descending over Warzone after all.

The Halloween event has long been rumoured to be coming to Warzone again this year, although the details of what undead nightmares will haunt our characters are yet to be seen.

Now, a nighttime game mode is apparently on the go, as Al Mazrah's buildings are getting prepared to pay their elevated electricity bills.

Warzone glitches 'confirm' night mode



With a Halloween event comes a distinct notion that we will get some form of limited-time game mode which will allow the ghouls and ghosts to roam freely amongst Al Mazrah.

With this in mind, some Warzone fans are now convinced that Activision is preparing for this eventuality, as buildings in Al Mazrah are leaving the lights on inside closed-off rooms.

One building in particular has made Reddit, as a Warzone fan has shared a closed-off building being lit up from the inside, which would presumably only be needed at night...

Warzone's Halloween event set to include night-time LTM

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One fan also claimed that, no matter what your pre-determined gun is, that, "All our loadout guns have lasers on the side now too. There's no beam but the body is there."

Other glitches such as vehicle headlights being turned on have also been found, which appears to be setting us up for some midnight mischief.

With a Halloween game mode on the horizon, it might be time to dust off those all-black outfits, rather than Nicki Minaj's luminous pink hotpants, as stealth and visibility might become rather prevalent.

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