One-shot sniper buff has an explosive setback in Warzone 2

One-shot sniper buff has an explosive setback in Warzone 2
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Jack Marsh


12th Apr 2023 16:00

The 'saviour' update is here for Warzone 2, with Season 3 being built up to be the long-awaited content drive that the battle royale yearns for and needs.

With a string of thirst-trap skins on their way and a new sniper returning from the golden ages, it seems like fans are finally looking forward to the future of Warzone 2.

The latter of which, this revived sniper, is also bringing with it a huge meta change. Call of Duty has confirmed that one-shot snipers are back... but with an explosive setback.

Warzone 2 brings back one-shot snipers, but only for explosive rounds


After months of calling for Warzone 2 to have one-shot snipers - outside of that meddlesome St. Particks Day malarkey - Call of Duty fans will be happy to know that their prayers have been answered.

As of Season 3, three snipers will be able to kill a fully-armoured opponent with one bullet.

The catch is that only players using explosive rounds on either the Intervention (FJX Imperium), MCPR, or Victus XMR will have to have explosive rounds activated.

Explosive sniper rounds buffed in Warzone Season 3

So far, these are the only three snipers that can have explosive rounds equipped, meaning that your Marksman Rifles like Lockwood MK2 do not have the ability to deal enough damage to be a one-shot sniper.

With these one-shot guns being added, the balance is that Bomb Drones are now less powerful, and cannot kill fully-armoured players on impact.

Season 3 will likely serve as a test for how these snipers will fare in the gameplay, and if proven popular enough, could start a trend of more usable sniper buffs in the future.

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