Warzone 2 players hate bad Ranked system favouring streamers

Warzone 2 players hate bad Ranked system favouring streamers
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Alex Garton


15th May 2023 14:17

Warzone 2's Season 3 Reloaded patch added the long-awaited Ranked mode that introduced a new level of competition to the popular battle royale.

Providing the community with the ultimate environment to test their skills, Ranked gives you the opportunity to climb through the Divisions by taking on opponents of a similar level.

Unfortunatley, players aren't impressed with the mode's matchmaking so far and claim games are completely unbalanced. As a result, they believe it favours streamers and Ranked has now become 'about who can farm bronze players the longest.'

Warzone 2 players claim Ranked is completely unbalanced

Warzone 2 Ranked mode
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Courtesy of Activision

Multiple threads talking about the current state of Ranked have been posted on the CODWarzone subreddit and they're all disappointed with the new mode.

In one, a user claimed because the matches are currently so unbalanced, Ranked now "isn't about beating people your own skill to maintain rank, it's about who can farm bronze players the longest."

Inside another thread, a player argued that the devs "realised no one could find any games and I guess streamers don't wanna wait 15min to find a game so they removed all barriers."

This frustration is echoed by a lot of the community, who think "it's a bad ranked system... It's not designed to make games evenly skilled." It's clear a lot of players feel as if they're being placed against top-tier opponents who they stand no chance against in the majority of gunfights.

Will the devs improve Warzone 2 Ranked?

Warzone 2 Ranked
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Courtesy of Activision

In the recent Ranked Call of Duty blog, the devs made it clear that WZ2 Ranked Play is in beta for the remainder of Season 3. This means the data they take "from this Beta or shortened season will help with Ranked Play discussions in future seasons."

As a result, we can expect significant changes to arrive in Season 4 to help improve the overall experience. However, whether they'll address the matchmaking and make games more balanced is a mystery for the time being.

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