It has given some players a sneaky advantage

15:16, 27 Jul 2020

While stuttering is one of the most annoying parts of any game, a sneaky VALORANT fan has figured out how to turn this to their advantage and make characters deliberately stutter. The aim is to throw other players off their A-game. 

Turning the tables on opponents, it would allow the stuttering player’s game to go unchanged while you’re forced to watch their flickering Valorant. Despite VALORANT’s dedicated 128-tick servers and vow to make the first-person shooter an “anti-cheat” haven, that doesn’t mean the free-to-play favourite is without its problems. 

The “Network Buffering” option is supposed to help anyone who’s experiencing network delays. However, when switched to maximum, it makes it hard for rivals to figure out your movements as you stutter across the screen. The option is hidden in the title’s general settings and was designed to give a boost to those suffering from a laggy internet connection.

YouTuber Battle(non)sense delved into the setting and found the foxy flaw. They said, “When they change the setting, it causes their player model to stutter on my client. This setting doesn’t affect the animation smoothness of how they see other players, but how smooth their player model moves for everyone else".

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Instead of adding a delay, the option actually limits the amount of files a player has uploaded to the server - leading to the stuttering effect. Stuttering was a big complaint of VALORANT’s beta phase, so it’s ironic that it has resurfaced in a completely different way.

It didn’t take long for the VALORANT Updates Twitter to pick up on this and share the news. That being said, apart from advising players to not make the most of this “peeker’s advantage”, there was no sign of Riot Games changing the hack. Still, with VALORANT being pretty on top of things in terms of updates, it’s likely this will be addressed in the near future. For the time being, it’s up to you on whether you want to play fairly or exploit this unfair advantage. 

Hitting targets can be hard enough in a game that’s as fast-paced as VALORANT, so just imagine what it’s like with a stuttering opponent.

Images via Riot Games

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