VALORANT Mobile Registration Has Been Spotted Online

VALORANT Mobile Registration Has Been Spotted Online

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Jack Marsh


27th May 2021 16:23

All eyes are on VALORANT at the moment, as Riot Games has gone all out on the production of the first international LAN event in the game's short history.

With the global pandemic preventing any earlier events, the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters in Reykjavík has showcased just how far the game has come in its first 12 months. Some of the world's best FPS talents have shown why VALORANT is so loved by its player base, and it appears Riot are now looking to expand this by dabbling in a new field.

VALORANT Mobile In Development

VALORANT Mobile has been reported to be in development for a few months now, after first being reported by reputable leaker PlayerIGN back in March. However, nothing has yet been confirmed by Riot Games, who were keen to lift their curtain on League of Legends: Wild Rift when the app was under construction. 

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VALORANT Mobile spotted on Listings

According to multiple reports, VALORANT Mobile has appeared as a listing on TapTap, already racking up a whopping 120,000 pre-registrations. 

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The app has the provider of Riot Games, Inc, although the developers have still remained silent on the development. According to TapTap, the app has a rating score of 9.5 as a result of 920 reviews. 

Despite the listing stating that it is the mobile app, the "Alpha" footage shown does contain gameplay taken from its PC father, with visible mouse cursors on the screen. 

Should VALORANT Mobile be revealed this year, PlayerIGN suspected that it would come in June, to coincide with The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Other titles such as Apex Legends and PUBG: New State are expected to have showcases at the expo, with Riot expected to attempt to keep up with their FPS shooter competitors. 


Image via Riot Games

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