VALORANT glitch appears to leak Knife Gun Buddies coming soon

VALORANT glitch appears to leak Knife Gun Buddies coming soon
Riot Games

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Jack Marsh


26th Jul 2023 15:19

Here's one that might get you a little bit riled up, the infamous Gun Buddies in VALORANT might be coming to knives too, as an in-game bug 'proves' that they have been added to the code.

So far, Gun Buddies have been a player's best friend, but they have been limited to, well, guns, just as it says on the tin.

However, with knives being a crucial part of VALORANT's arsenal too, fans have always wanted the buddies to be added to the shafts of their blades too, and now they might be in luck.

VALORANT glitch shows Gun Buddies on knives


Reddit user "JL1ha" found that a visual bug occurred in their game, which allowed them to scroll through the Gun Buddy section and equip it to their knife, selecting some fan favourites such as the Call Me Buddy and the Cat Eye Buddy.

The Redditor claimed that this was a bug which occurred after disconnecting from the game whilst browsing the menus, and as they reconnected to the servers, the Buddy option was showing as available on the knives.

Players instantly decided that this was something that they would love to have, with one fan saying, "I never knew how badly I wanted something until now."

Others think this bug must mean that the feature is on the cards though...

VALORANT fans are convinced that Gun Buddies are coming to knives

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With the visual bug happening, players are now convinced that VALORANT is adding Buddy's for knives, or that this idea was originally planned but has since been scrapped.

"This almost seems like it's a fully working idea that they either scrapped or are still working on," said one fan.

Another backed this with some IT insight, saying, "It has to be. the game would crash (or report some kind of error internally more likely) if the 'gunBuddyPos' variable/property/whatever wasn’t assigned."

"The fact that it's actually attached to the knife basically confirms they programmed this functionality at some point before ditching the idea."

The addition of a knife buddy could be quite a masterful stroke from Riot, especially given the popularity of the handheld weapons throughout VALORANT's tenure so far.

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