VALORANT’s next Agent leaked as Codename Giraffe

VALORANT’s next Agent leaked as Codename Giraffe
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Jack Marsh


24th Jul 2023 17:33

A number of new agents added into VALORANT have come in and dropped straight to the bottom of the pile.

The likes of Neon, Harbour, KAY/O, Fade, and now even Gekko after his initial rather-hyped entrance alongside his furry companion, have not made much of an impact, and five of the last six most recently-added agents currently sit in the bottom nine agents in terms of pick rates across the entire game.

Only Deadlock has broken this curse.

But there’s another character on the cards soon for VALORANT, and this one isn’t used to being at the bottom, and rather only ever being above everyone else.

VALORANT’s next agent is codenamed 'Giraffe'

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All agents arrive in VALORANT after being given a codename; this serves as a tag to hide the actual name of the agent. For example, before Chamber was added, his codename in the files was "Deadeye", serving as a token to his sniper kit.

Ahead of Episode 7 Act 2, it has been leaked that the next agent to arrive will be "codenamed Giraffe".

Popular leaker ValorLeaks posted about the possible upcoming agent in a now-deleted tweet, also indicating that the folder could be rather old too, leaving us to speculate whether codename Giraffe is an upcoming agent or one that has been scrapped.

What could Codename Giraffe's VALORANT abilities be?


With codenames generally hinting towards agents’ abilities, many players have begun to joke that the character would have a rather unique skill set through their unusually large neck.

However, more serious comments suggested that the heightened animalistic nature could form abilities similar to that of Astra where they could see above the map.

This could be through a similarly vertical approach or by having Cypher-esque cameras dotted around in high places.

Should codename Giraffe be added though, it certainly adds another vertical dynamism to VALORANT, and could also be an opportunity for an African character to be added paying homage to the safari with clothes styles and apparel.

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