The game mode is 'absolutely coming'.

19:00, 02 Jul 2020

In another dev blog from Riot Games, the team behind VALORANT have answered more questions from the community on the future of the game.

The biggest question on VALORANT fans' lips has been "will there ever be a deathmatch mode?" and Jared Berbach, Lead Game Modes Producer, has answered their prayers, and finally addressed that question. 

Deathmatch is absolutely a mode that is coming to VALORANT in the future. We don't have a timetable yet, but it's something where we're actively working on the underlying technology as well as designing, iterating, prototyping, and playtesting right now.

VALORANT Deathmatch

When 'Orb' was leaked, many thought this was going to be a Team Deathmatch style mode, but as we now know, that became 'Spike Rush'.

Keep your eyes peeled for Deathmatch coming soon to VALORANT.


Images via Riot Games

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