Valkyrae Stuns Fans With Incredible Viper Cosplay

Valkyrae Stuns Fans With Incredible Viper Cosplay
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18th Feb 2022 15:31

Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter has sent fans wild with her latest Twitter post in which she showed off her cosplay of VALORANT favourite, Viper.

100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae has made no secret of her love for VALORANT. Sure, she may be a little addicted to GTA RP at the moment along with her friend Leslie "Fuslie" Fu, but it's clear her passion for VALORANT is still going strong. The free-to-play FPS continues to be a game she returns to time and time again during her streams with her main character, as her fans will know, being Viper. 

Now, Valkyrae has certified her love for the poison-wielding agent by showing off her incredible cosplay of the character and fans can't get enough it.

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What Does Valkyrae's Viper Cosplay Look Like?

On February 17, Valkyrae stunned her fans on Twitter with a look at her Viper cosplay. In the images, the 30-year-old is shown wearing Viper's skin-tight green and black bodysuit complete with her iconic jet black wig and gas mask. To complete the look, Valkyrae tops it all by wearing venom green contact lenses to match the striking colours of Viper's eyes. 

However, this isn't the first time that Valkyrae has cosplayed Viper. In November 2020, Valkyrae revealed her Halloween costume for the year which was, of course, Viper. Although, for her latest look, Valkyrae's cosplay was designed and put together by YouTuber Stella Chuu, who returned from a two-year hiatus from her channel to give Valkyrae her makeover. 

Fans immediately went wild for the cosplay and showered Valkyrae with compliments. For example, Valkyrae's friend and fellow streamer Fuslie said: "BREEEUEUUUHHHH YOU LOOK AMAZING GREEN QUEEN." Another, alluding to Viper's venomous skills and abilities, commented: "Please poison me."

How Did Valkyrae Create The Look? 

Valkyrae's Viper cosplay was designed and put together by Stella Chuu, who shared the making of it in her YouTube video that she posted on February 14. Starting with Valkyrae's makeup, Chuu then moved on to getting the YouTuber in costume, explaining she had Viper's shoulder plates 3D printed.

Valkyrae also hinted that she could potentially cosplay as Jinx from Arcane in future. Although, for any League Of Legends fans desperate to see a live-action version of their own Jinx, they can check out the work of this amazing cosplayer

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