Cosplayer Transforms Into League Of Legends' Jinx

Cosplayer Transforms Into League Of Legends' Jinx
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Mel Ramsay


9th Dec 2021 16:30

A cosplayer has shared images of her original Jinx cosplay as she teases fans for her next version of the character. 

What Does The Jinx Cosplay Look Like?

Kinpatsu is an incredible cosplayer, who makes her costumes completely from scratch. She's become famous for how amazing her wig work is, with a lot of time and effort going into each one. She's currently working on a brand-new Jinx cosplay, but in the meantime she shared images of her original version from a few years ago.

With her Jinx cosplay, she explained that this costume was for the game Jinx, rather than the Netflix version: "The next project we will be doing for this month is JINX!!! Classic jinx, not arcane jinx but I will probably make that one too at some point."

She added that she has cosplayed as Jinx before: "I made jinx many years ago but i no longer have the costume. Jinx has always been my favourite league character and the reason why I started playing and a big part of why I started cosplaying too! So I'm really excited to make this and get it as perfect as I can!"

While fans wait for her next version, she shared some other images, saying: "In the meantime here's some photos of my original jinx cosplay!!!"


Honestly, we're unsure how she can do better than this version, as it's so close to the character. The bullets, the wig, the contact lenses, even the nails have all been copied almost perfectly to show the Jinx that League of Legends' players all know and love. 

She's been teasing fans for a while, and the next cosplay should be dropping any day now. 

What Are Fans Saying About The Jinx Cosplay?

One fan wrote: "Same!! I started playing LoL because of her! I can't wait to see your new version!". While another added: "This is extremely awesome, i love the color, your hair and the whole cosplay, good work". 

We'll be keeping an eye on her Instagram to see when her next version of Jinx drops, but at the time of writing it hasn't yet been shared. 


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