TSM Allegedly Tried To Sue Doublelift For Disparagement Against Reginald

TSM Allegedly Tried To Sue Doublelift For Disparagement Against Reginald
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Jack Marsh


5th May 2022 15:31

The ongoing saga between TSMFTX's CEO Andy "Reginald" Dinh and their ex-League of Legends star turned high-profile streamer Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng has taken yet another turn, as the content creator has claimed that he was nearly on the end of a lawsuit for disparagement.

Many accusations have been made against Reginald for his workplace misconduct, with Doublelift and former TSM President Aileena "Leena Xu" Xu being the most vocal parties. Most recently, Riot Games announced that they are launching an official investigation against the CEO after claims of verbal abuse and bullying came to light, specifically revolving around the League of Legends roster that Doublelift was operating on.

Now, a new report from the Washington Post, which detailed reports about Reginald's misconduct from many personalities in and around TSM, has prompted Doublelift to claim that the CEO attempted to answer back by slapping a lawsuit for disparagement his way.

Doublelift Claims Reginald Tried To Sue Him

Taking to a recent stream to talk about the new report, Doublelift said that Reginald is probably "sitting there with his team of lawyers right now, watching my stream, asking his lawyers if it’s viable to sue me for f**king disparagement over this stream I’m doing now."

Whilst the first mention of a lawsuit was hypothetical, Doublelift continued to say, "I still have the letter of when he threatened to sue me for the first time. I called him out for being a bully, who silences the voices of his underlings, and then he tries to threaten to sue me for disparaging his company."

Reginald addressed the new report on Reddit, where he promised to do an open AMA once the investigations into him are concluded.


The original lawsuit had stemmed from "liquidated damages," according to Doublelift, who said that his own lawyers advised the suit was designed to make him "shut up".

"Usually, the guy will threaten to sue you to shut you up," Doublelift detailed. 

The 28-year-old retired League of Legends professional is an LCS champion for TSM in two stints at the organisation - the second of which sparked the controversy, due to his relationship with then-President Leena Xu. Both Doublelift and Leena Xu have now moved away from the org, with the ex-player having launched a solo stream career and popular podcast Trash Talk, whilst Xu has also continued content creation with Offline TV.

While Reginald has contributed to building TSM into the successful organisation it is now, and signing a whopping $210 million deal with FTX - an esports record - the investigations and claims are mounting up around him.


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