There Are No Tactical Nukes In Modern Warfare 2

There Are No Tactical Nukes In Modern Warfare 2
Images via Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


23rd Sep 2022 12:39

Modern Warfare 2 - the old one, the classic, that one from 2009 which saved our after-school boredom - was the first title to bring in the tactical nuke. This was a killstreak which revolutionised the Call of Duty franchise. Maybe it's befitting that this year's Modern Warfare 2 will be the one to lay it to rest.

The tactical nuke, or M.O.A.B., K.E.M. Strike, DNA Bomb, and V-2 Rocket as in previous games, has been a staple of the Call of Duty franchise. Tactical nukes reward players for earning the most impressive 25-kill streak (usually). m However, players have already found that the Modern Warfare 2 beta doesn't have a tactical nuke killstreak, either at 25 kills in a row, or 30.

Are Tactical Nukes In Modern Warfare 2? 

With players already getting to grips with the Modern Warfare 2 beta, finding a perfect balance between the slow "sentinel" ADS style of play and the bunny-hopping high-octane movement, the killstreaks have been rolling in.

One player has already racked up a 30-kill-streak, and to their avail, no nuke came along with it. The player reached a 30 gunstreak too, which means a killstreak without the use of other streaks like a Cruise Missile or Chopper Gunner. 

Known as "Adocts," the MW2 fan added that they're "not surprised" about the omission of a nuke, although it's not yet clear as to whether Infinity Ward could be holding it back until the game's full release.


Interestingly though, 2021's Vanguard did have a nuke activated in its beta run, with players earning V2 Rockets with a 30 gun streak in its infant state.

It's clear that Infinity Ward has held back certain aspects of the full Modern Warfare 2 experience, including a range of maps and guns, so whose to say that we might have a nuke added come October 28?

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