The Super Mario Bros Movie's sequel is worthless without this character

The Super Mario Bros Movie's sequel is worthless without this character
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10th Apr 2023 13:41

The Super Mario Bros Movie is finally here, and frankly, we weren't sure that it'd ever materialise. It's a huge deal for the character to be taken up by a giant animation studio like Illumination regardless of how harshly the Minions make you want to hurl your lunch onto the pavement, and given that the most recent representation of the portly plumber has served as the go-to answer in the argument of just how poorly video game adaptations in cinema can go, we've been long overdue for a new presiding reflection of Mario and his pals.

As no surprise to anyone, the film is a box office barnstormer, and fans are lapping it up - and with a post-credits scene that implies the potential of a sequel, avid gamers are wondering what could be next to come for Brooklyn's best plumber/hero of mythological scale. And we've got one idea for the follow-up so important to us that we won't pick it up without it.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 needs Birdo

The Super Mario Bros Movie's sequel is worthless without this character
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There are a lot of different ways that the sequel to The Super Mario Bros. Movie could take, introducing the likes of Wario and Waluigi to serve as anti-heroes of sorts, with Bowser likely to return as a villain if he isn't superseded by Kamek. But as far as villains go, we're not interested.

We know there will be a yang to Mario's yin, as there always has been, but it's a supporting cast that has the most potential for excitement and returning classic characters from the game. And along with them, is a chance for representation of the highest grade.

Though Birdo might not have many appearances across the Super Mario series, her appearance is always adored by dedicated fans. Largely considered to be the first-ever transgender video game character, her appearance in Super Mario was almost a total accident, serving as an enemy in Doki Doki Panic, the game that would be reskinned to become Super Mario Bros. 2, and thankfully survived the reskinning process. She's shown up in endless spin-offs not as a baddie (at least in the traditional sense, because she's a bad b**ch if ever we've seen one) but as a friend, riding in karts and playing tennis as she sees fit. There have been many different reflections of Birdo over the years, but her pink edition is the one we see the most - and she deserves much more than she gets.

Putting Birdo in the movie sequel makes up for lost time

The Super Mario Bros Movie's sequel is worthless without this character
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The Super Mario Bros. Movie is great for kids and super-fans alike, but there's one thing that it's sorely missing - and that's a slay factor.

Nobody is slaying enough in the movie, and though Peach might have stepped up to the plate in her racing suit with her combat finesse, there's certainly something missing when it comes to serving. Birdo could fill that gap with ease, all the while fulfilling fan hopes for characters they recognise appearing on the big screen.

Of course, many fans want Waluigi to take this spot in the sequel, but the difficulty with Waluigi is that he's more of a meme than a character at this point. He'll serve as giggles and little beyond that - but Birdo can serve as a counterpoint to an expected Yoshi's willingness to help Mario. Who knows, maybe Birdo could be a mid-point frustration for the new quest, much like Mario's scrap with Donkey Kong in the first film. Plus, a little representation goes a long way, and the appearance of video games' first trans character would make a real splash in the film's marketing.

Ultimately, Birdo isn't the first choice for many, but she's certainly worthy of her big-screen appearance. After all, she's dreamed of being a star for all these years - maybe now's the time to let her step into the spotlight in the way she's always deserved.

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