Chris Pratt pretty much confirms Super Mario Bros. sequel

Chris Pratt pretty much confirms Super Mario Bros. sequel
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31st Mar 2023 08:36

Illumination's upcoming The Super Mario Bros. Movie is set to be a big deal, and even though dedicated fans were sceptical when it was revealed Chris Pratt would be leading the charge as Mario, chances are it's not going to stop a whomping splash at the box office.

While we're waiting to see if the movie itself is actually any good (we're making bets that it's going to be a banger), it seems that The Super Mario Bros. Movie's cast and crew are expecting the best. Which is probably why Chris Pratt basically just leaked that there's going to be a sequel.

Chris Pratt basically confirms Super Mario Bros Movie 2

Chris Pratt pretty much confirms The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2
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It looks like everyone involved in The Super Mario Bros. Movie is feeling good about its potential, as Chris Pratt has discussed the potential for a sequel and how a post-credits scene could be doing a lot of work to set it up.

"Listen," Pratt says to CBR. "At the end of the film, there's a post-credit sequence that gives you a taste of what the sequel could be about. And that gets me very, very excited."

That'd be enough to all but confirm the film, but he continued: "There's been talk of Luigi's Mansion. That was a GameCube game. I think that would be great." So not only is there a sequel on the way, but it could heavily feature Luigi's spooky spin-off.

Chris Pratt teases "a whole universe" of Mario movies

This isn't the first time our leading man has expressed his excitement about the future of Mario on the big screen.

Speaking to ExtraTV, Pratt said, "You saw the movie. It really honours the video game, it honours the world of Mario and it's very promising as to what we could expect over the next 10 years, like an entire universe of these types of movies."

Pratt isn't alone in mapping out the Mario Cinematic Universe, with Luigi actor Charlie Day championing a Luigi's Mansion movie and whispers of Seth Rogen beating his chest for a Donkey Kong spin-off

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto previously teased this would be the start of an expanded universe, and just like Sonic the Hedgehog cued its own sequel, it sounds like The Super Mario Bros. Movie is doing the same. Now give us the Birdo movie, you cowards.

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