The Sims Players Are Getting Texts From Cats Beyond The Grave

The Sims Players Are Getting Texts From Cats Beyond The Grave
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Joseph Kime


19th Jul 2022 12:23

There are a lot of bizarre bugs and missing links in the world of The Sims that make it a pretty chaotic time. Spaghetti limbs, putting babies on the stove, getting stuck in walls and dying of embarrassment after wetting yourself - there's a lot lurking in The Sims that has every right to ruin your game, but given the absurd things you can make your Sims do, it actually just makes it a funnier experience overall.

And now, fans are reflecting on a strange bug in the game that led to some odd text messages - and how they sometimes reach from beyond the grave.

The Sims Players Are Getting Texts From Their Pets

The Sims Players Are Getting Texts From Cats Beyond The Grave
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Players are coming together on Twitter to share their memories of a bizarre glitch that allowed text messages to come in from seemingly everywhere - even from your Sims' pets.

The reflection was first spurred by Twitter user unquietskull, who shared a screenshot of a dog who sent their player a nugget of incredible wisdom. "Only just finding out about a past glitch in Sims 4 where your pet can text you," they say, as they reveal the text.

"You worry too much about your job. Stop it," says Marty the dog. "You are not paid enough to worry." We appreciate the incredible insight from Comrade Marty, no matter how bizarre the vessel of the message is - but that's not the worst of it.

The Sims Players Are Getting Texts From Dead Cats

In a much less than purr-fect turn of events (sorry), it turns out that pets from beyond the grave are sending players texts too.

In a reply to the original tweet, user spahettimilks says "not very fun when your Sim's dead cat randomly texts you." Bleak.

It's a little unnerving to know that your beloved pet is hanging around in purr-gatory (sorry) and trying to send you messages from limbo, even if that limbo is purr-ley fictional (sorry). Talk about a bad cat-mosphere (sorry).

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