The Last of Us Ellie and Joel voice actors are reprising their roles

The Last of Us Ellie and Joel voice actors are reprising their roles
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7th Aug 2023 10:40

While Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal have made their mark on the world of The Last of Us thanks to HBO's live-action adaptation, let's spare a thought for the OGs. For many, Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker will always be our Ellie and Joel.

Having played gruff daddy Joel and the hardened Ellie since 2013's The Last of Us, the dynamic duo have become synonymous with the franchise. Now, they're back in action as Ellie and Joel, but just not for the reason you'd think. Sorry, no The Last of Us Part 3 just yet.

Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker are playing Ellie and Joel again

Universal Halloween Horror Nights The Last of Us
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Before you get your hopes up for some unannounced The Last of Us game, Johnson and Baker are reprising their roles as Ellie and Joel for Universal Halloween Horror Nights' The Last of Us experience. As reported by GamesRadar, the pair are back to lend their vocals to the horror house this Halloween. 

Universal Orlando's Lora Sauls said that part of keeping the ride close to the source material was by getting Johnson and Baker back. "We got to use the voiceover actors from the video game," said Sauls. "We did voiceover recordings with them and they re-recorded our entire dialogue for our haunted house."

As for the return of the GOATs, Sauls concluded, "We were very, very excited to work with both Troy and Ashley on the re-recording of our haunted house dialogue." Although details are thin on the ground, Sauls worked with Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann - who requested an iconic location as the setting.

The Universal Horror Nights will capture the Pittsburgh part of the first game and will include details like a weapons table where you can pick up gear or masks that look like Clickers and Bloaters. Horror Nights tickets are available from the Universal Studios site.

Universal Orlando's event runs from September 1 until November 4, while Universal Studios Hollywood begins runs from September 7 through to October 31 in Hollywood.

Were Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker in The Last of Us series?

Ashley Johnson as Anna The Last of Us TV series
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You might've spotted Baker in Episode 8, playing James. He's a character from the game and the right-hand man of the villainous David (Scott Shepherd). Much like the games, he was quickly dispatched by Ellie, meaning Baker is unlikely to return in Season 2 - unless he's playing another new character.

As for Johnson, she had a more important role as Anna. Appearing in the finale via flashback, we learned that Anna was Ellie's mother, who tragically succumbed to the Cordyceps infection but was the reason behind Ellie's immunity. If anyone was going to return in Season 2, we could see more Anna flashbacks working.

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