The Evolution of Fortnite Creative Mode

The Evolution of Fortnite Creative Mode
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Aashir Ahmed


22nd Mar 2020 21:00

On the 6th of December 2018, the Fortnite community was introduced to a new mode known as the Creative mode. The initial reactions of that this mode is nothing but a revamped model of the existing Playground mode but nobody could’ve foreseen the fact that it would reach a stage where it currently stands.

The community was apprised about this update due to a mistake in the scheduling of Lachlan, as Australian Fortnite Youtuber’s video. Epic had invited a few creators to try the mode before its release and they had pre-recorded videos with the intention of uploading them alongside its announcement; however, due to the difference in time zones the video went up early and circulated throughout the internet and the whole community was made aware.

The mode was finally made available to the mass public with the launch of Season 7, and currently, we are on the 12th season of Fortnite and so five seasons have passed since its initial release and the number of features that have been introduced is unbelievingly spectacular. 

It started off with a single Island available for creation, and as of today these islands amongst others can be used:

  • Arctic Islands 
  • Frosty Fortress 
  • Ice Lake Islands
  • Tropical Islands
  • Sandbar Islands
  • Volcano Islands
  • River Edge islands
  • The Shark Flat 
  • Grid Hub 
  • Floating Island Hub

Apart from this, there are other items that provided you with the opportunity to get more innovative with your creation. The Creative menu features a list of devices that assists you in transforming your map into anything you wish and Prefabs give you the ability to place structures from a list of defaults rather than building them yourself. 

Since Epic Games prioritized completing quickly over creating a perfect mode upon release. There were several bugs release. Due to their focus on speed, Epic Games created the prefabs system, instead of the full selection of blocks seen in other creative mode games. Epic Games was able to launch Fortnite: Creative earlier than planned. Epic has updated creative mode several times since it was launched, fixing bugs, adding new buildings, and new island types.

A natural arrangement of menus lets you essentially place entire structures – a palace here, a manor there – along these lines rapidly making your own town. You can undoubtedly put structures on one another; on the other hand, you can pick one of the "display" alternatives, which gives all of you the different structure squares of a natural Fortnite building type, laying them hard and fast on your island like a monster Ikea bundle – from these pieces you can develop something without any preparation. One exhibition gives all of you the pieces to develop a detailed snag course, opening up new types of ongoing interaction in the commonplace condition. Players can also design their own game based upon set criteria and set several factors, such as gravity, to vary; thus, they can experiment with new features added to the game.

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Players have reproduced different structures in Fortnite Creative; these incorporate the Star Wars starship Millennium Falcon and Castle Black from Game of Thrones. Others have utilized melodic tiles to perform tunes mainstream as a stage for internet memes. Maps from other computer games, for example, Counter-Strike and Call of Duty have likewise been reproduced in the meta-game.

Players have through the course of time subverted the accessible tools, making islands that resist the parameters that Epic has set down – which is one of the enjoyments of handing toolsets to a great many individuals. The alternatives in Fortnite were sensibly constrained, however, it was a generally excellent beginning: the controls were instinctive, and the innovative framework was profoundly granular, permitting gifted players to truly characterise the kind of experience they need to assemble.

Creative mode is the next big step in Fortnite's evolution. It's touted as the third pillar among the Battle Royale and Save the World modes. Be it the Support A Creator program or the freedom to build in the Playground, Epic is increasingly making a push to involve creators both in and outside of Fortnite, and for this reason each week new Islands are featured to the public promoting and appreciating the creator and the previous time he has invented to bring that project to a reality.

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A piece of additional evidence to prove its contrasting evolution is its inclusion in the Fortnite World Cup, one of the biggest and most viewed esports events of 2019. There were Five events, five different Creative Trials, all built by community Creators. Fortnite World Cup Creative Trials will feature five events, each focused on a new Creative game. Fifteen participants will then be selected to face off in the ultimate Creative competition at the Fortnite World Cup Finals for a chance to win a piece of a $3,000,000 Creative prize pool.

Drawing conclusion, it can be said that from being a 1V1 arena with infinite materials to having a potential to create mind-boggling maps, and puzzles with all the items; having a plethora of new functionalities Fortnite Creative has evolved from its roots and is only an illustration of the blood and sweat put in by the game developers over at Epic Games. 

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