VALORANT pro, TenZ, has spoken out about which in-game features should change.

14:50, 27 Nov 2020

VALORANT is by no means the polished finish that Riot Games are looking to end with. As with any game in its birthing stages, VALORANT is still learning its own mechanics, as players begin to develop skill sets and exploits. 

As Riot look to balance the game with changes to the movement and specific agents, the developers rely on feedback from the community and their professional player base to ensure that the game runs smoothly for both casuals and esports fanatics. 

Cloud9's Tyson "TenZ" Ngo is one of the most serious grinders of the game and was the first player in North America to reach VALORANT rank during the closed beta. The Canadian 19-year-old has now spoken out about three mechanics that should be balanced in the next update:

  • 1. Running rifles: please make it more inaccurate while moving
  • 2. Jumping right-click: classic one-hits at close-medium, sometimes even long-range, especially on pistol rounds. Make damage drop-off higher for medium-long range
  • 3. Zipline should not have near near-perfect accuracy even if you’re standing still on it


GenG's Shawn "Shawn" O'Riley showcased how effective the first two features are with his reply to his North American rival. As you can see from the Twitter clip, Shawn's accuracy whilst running is immense, something that is counter-intuitive to the typical FPS shooter.


Whether this can be interpreted as former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) players not being able to shake old habits, or something that VALORANT devs need to correct is yet to be seen, although many of the community seem to agree with TenZ. 


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Image via Riot Games | ESL

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