TenZ Claims Not Playing VALORANT Ranked Would Make Him A Better Player

TenZ Claims Not Playing VALORANT Ranked Would Make Him A Better Player
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Jack Marsh


12th May 2022 15:11

Tyson "TenZ" Ngo is arguably one of the happiest souls in VALORANT, as the two-time VCT Masters winner-turned-colossal content creator is always Jett-dashing with a smile on his face. Whether that's through being generally a happy person, vibing from the love of girlfriend Kyedae "Kyedae" Shymko, being smug as one of the best players to touch the game, or a combination of all three, TenZ always seems content. However, VALORANT's current ranked system is finally taking its toll on him.

The Sentinels player has often been dubbed as the best Jett in the world, and was captured by the organisation as the first-ever million dollar player in VALORANT, quickly repaying the team with back-to-back championships during the Sentinels era.

But while the current roster struggles with consistency, TenZ has ramped up his focus on streaming and has spent a large amount of time operating on VALORANT ranked, much to his own demise. 

TenZ Lashes Out At VALORANT Ranked Mode

Taking to Twitter, the young star ripped into VALORANT's "dogs**t" ranked mode, claiming that it is making him unhappy.

"I feel like never playing ranked again. [It] would not only make me happier in life but a better player", he said in a rant.


Almost in mic-drop fashion, TenZ's rant came with no further back-up, although it's assumed that the current agent composition and ranked reset has caused the competition to deteriorate rapidly, with certain individuals struggling to keep up with the new meta.

Even playing as the brand-new Fade hasn't helped the situation, despite him identifying how Fade can replace Sova in the professional circuit.

What's Next For TenZ?

TenZ, and his friends, have breathed life back into their competitive careers, having smashed through the second round of VCT Stage 2 Challengers qualifiers with a flawless 10-0 record to book them a place against the NA greats again.

If Sentinels can keep on winning (and find their previous form) then maybe TenZ will continue to be happy. Anything to keep him off ranked.


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