Stunning video shows off PS5 Bloodborne at 60 FPS

Stunning video shows off PS5 Bloodborne at 60 FPS
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Tom Chapman


29th Jun 2023 12:41

The blood is flowing again in Yharnam, as one plucky player has got FromSoftware's Bloodborne running at 60 FPS on PlayStation 5. We're all ready to sink our teeth into a new-gen revamp of the gothic Soulsborne, and while the rumours blow in across the fog, gamers are taking matters into their own hands.

Released in 2015 on the PlayStation 4, Bloodborne followed in the footsteps of FromSoft's previous success with Demon's Souls and the first two Dark Souls games. Giving us a vampiric twist, Bloodborne became one of the greatest video games of all, where's our Bloodborne remake.

PS5 Bloodborne looks amazing at 60 FPS

Over on YouTube, Lance McDonald showed off an impressive video of Bloodborne running at 60 FPS. Although Bloodborne is playable on PS5 through backward compatibility, it's pretty much the same as the PS4 version and is still locked to 30 FPS.

McDonald previously showed off a 2020 video running Bloodborne at 60 FPS on a PS4 Pro, but now, it's running natively on a PS5 at 1080p without upscaling. Hyping their own work, McDonald took to Twitter and explained, "No upscaling, just 6 minutes of real gameplay footage captured directly from PS5 hardware."

Dialling things up 60 FPS, we can all agree it looks gorgeous, and we're not alone. Responding to the video, one fan wrote, "I would play this game forever if they patched the damn thing to run at 60." Someone else concluded, "The sweet frames. Oh, they sing to me! It's enough to make a fan sick…"

Will we ever see more from Bloodborne?

Bloodborne PlayStation 5
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Sony | FromSoftware

We know the FPS debate seems a little redundant, with the likes of Tears of the Kingdom showing 30 FPS is just fine. Still, critics recently launched Starfield into orbit with complaints it will 'only' be running at 30 FPS on Xbox. As more and more look to 60 FPS as a new-gen standard, Bloodborne could continue that trend.

Sadly, FromSoftware and Sony have seemingly cast the title adrift. As McDonald shows, it doesn't even need much in terms of graphical improvements, just a stable frame rate would improve things massively. McDonald previously reported there was once a Bloodborne PC port, but it's vanished into the abyss. 

It's a testament to Bloodborne's potential that every PlayStation Showcase, Summer Game Fest, and E3 (before it was canned) saw the rumour mill go into overdrive and the 2015 goliath trend on Twitter. Sony has made bank on its The Last of Us remaster, and if Jim Ryan was clever, he'd be giving Bloodborne a lick of paint. 

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