Streamers are at war over Stranger Things star joining FaZe

Streamers are at war over Stranger Things star joining FaZe
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30th May 2023 16:55

Depending on who you ask, FaZe Clane is an entirely different thing. To many, it's the group that saw prepubescent copycats in Xbox lobbies, cracking trick shots in Call of Duty and plastering them on YouTube to propel themselves to internet fame, losing themselves down the super-nerd pipeline in the process.

To others, and to much of the wider world, FaZe Clan is the biggest gaming organisation on the planet. Though FaZe has never been particularly exclusive (at least, it was never treated that way in gamertag creation), it's still going to this day.

As new team members join, there's still plenty to be said about those who is added to FaZe's acclaimed ranks. And that now apparently includes Stranger Things actors. 

Stranger Things' Grace Van Dien joins FaZe

The latest addition to the roster of FaZe Clan is Grace Van Dien, the actor best known for playing Chrissy in the recent season of Stranger Things. She's proven to be a worthy entertainer to join FaZe, but in the meantime, she's been causing plenty of controversy.

Grace Van Dien recently come under fire for making some pretty brutal comments about Nordan "FaZe Rain" Shat, who caused a spark by referring to her as "mid." She then went on to respond to the comment on stream, making reference to the time the streamer almost overdosed while live.

Her appearance in this video has caused quite a stir as many claim she overstepped the line by taking things to a personal level. Then again, there are plenty of streamers who have leapt to her defence.

Asmongold and Disguised Toast defend Grace Van Dien

Reacting to her reaction (yes, this is what Twitch is best at), streamers have been quick to defend Van Dien for her comments, and what Zack "Asmongold" Hoyt called Van Dien's words "self-defence."

"If he wants to call her mid and she makes fun of him for almost overdosing on a stream? I think that's totally fine," he says on stream. "He shouldn't have said that and made it personal," said Asmo. "It's very sad to see the kinda hate she's receiving from FaZe," says Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang in his own stream.

"Like with the FaZe quote-unquote 'OGs.' I get that it definitely sucks to see something you care about like your org become something that you don't necessarily agree with." But, you also signed the contracts, you also were a part of FaZe when this transition was happening."

Whichever side of the fence you sit on when it comes to this, one thing's for sure - it's yet another drama for FaZe Clan to fan the flames of. No publicity is bad publicity, and chances are, the company will be riding this for some time as Van Dien and Shat tear each other apart and then inevitably make up for the sake of the org.

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