Starfield players are finally able to build space stations

Starfield players are finally able to build space stations
Bethesda | NexusMods - vexthecollector

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Joseph Kime


31st Oct 2023 17:50

Months on, and a few more GOTY contenders down, players still can't bring themselves to be peeled away from the eternal abyss they're finding in Starfield. It's no surprise that seemingly endless space is so alluring to many, and the fact that it's Bethesda steering the ship is one hell of a cherry on the cake.

There are a few notable omissions from Bethesda's sci-fi explorer when it comes to taking to the stars, including flying to and from planets manually. However, one mod is finally allowing players to remedy one of those missing features. Yes, you can finally build space stations in Starfield. 

Starfield mod lets you build space stations

The starship editor as featured in the Starship Editor mod.
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Nexus Mods - vexthecollector

If you were coming to Starfield to live your Star Wars fantasy, then there's excellent news - a new mod is allowing players to build their very own space stations. It means you're one step closer to galactic domination, with supersized homesteads allowing you to house your factions. 

The new mod comes courtesy of creator vexthecollector, and it lets players build outposts on pre-existing structures, including space stations that you can find out and about on your travels. That abandoned spaceship that starts Starfield's Alien-themed mission is ours.

All it took to bring the mod to life was a simple code change, allowing players to open their Outpost editor while aboard other starships. Simple, yes, but clearly very effective. 

How can I build my own space station?

A ship explodes in an intergalactic dogfight in Starfield.
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If you want to take the mod for a spin yourself, all you have to do is take to the Nexus Mods page for the mod and follow the steps there.

It's worth noting that the mod isn't perfect and is subject to a number of bugs. Still, the OP promises it's a work in progress, so feel free to hold fast for a more stable version.

With official space stations being top of the list from fans for the upcoming Starfield expansion, we could soon be trying out Bethesda's official version. Either way, the chance is a welcome one. Our own Death Star, here we come.

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