Starfield fans furious about ‘broken’ Collector’s Edition watches

Starfield fans furious about ‘broken’ Collector’s Edition watches
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Joseph Kime


23rd Oct 2023 16:40

Bethesda's Starfield has been out for some time now, and even though the title saw its fair share of controversies, it thankfully didn't stink on arrival quite like some gamers are used to at this point.

The launch of Fallout 76 came with dramas inside and out of the game's world, with the pre-orders of the game failing to follow through on its promises of a high-quality bag along with some other goodies.

Now, it looks like further dramas are coming for the Collector's Edition of Starfield, as disgruntled gamers are complaining about the real-life watches that came with this pricier version of the sci-fi epic. 

Starfield fans reporting that collector's edition watches are already broken

Well, that didn't take long. Starfield players have taken to the internet to point out that little more than a month after getting them, the watches that came with their Starfield Collector's Editions have already broken. 

The Constellation Edition came in at a hefty $300/£250, boasting a clothing patch and credit stick replica. The big selling point (apart from the game) was an actual smartwatch. "So much for the Starfield watch," says one user in a post on the Starfield Reddit. "It's dead after a month and a week.

"I am not expecting any satisfaction. I'm not expecting a repair or replacement. It'll probably be going back into the box it came with ... dead forever." The OP wasn't alone, with another adding, "Mine died a few days, maybe a week after I got it...

"I left it charging one night, the software seemingly bricked itself. I have been exchanging emails with Bethesda support for almost a month now. Right now, I've sent it back to them, and I'm waiting for them to confirm sending me a replacement." Unfortunately, Bethesda doesn't seem very forthcoming with those replacements.

Fans are prepared to use Starfield hate to their advantage

Starfield Watch
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Though the post indicates that Bethesda isn't likely to be quick to offer fixes to the already-broken watches, there's one user who has offered a call to action that has actually impressed many others.

"Start your case on their Twitter if you have to," they say. "Gamers will love another reason to jump on the Bethesda hate train for a few days." While they've got a great point, players are still roasting the game online, so Bethesda might see it as a chance to right one of the wrongs being called out.

Bethesda will apparently arrange for a replacement, but it involves a lot of jumping through hoops/confirming you've tried all of the suggested fixes. Even though the team hasn't released an official statement, the fact complaints are being dealt with at least shows Bethesda is aware. Oh great, another thing to fix.

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