Starfield players discover heartbreaking Easter egg for dog fans

Starfield players discover heartbreaking Easter egg for dog fans
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Megan Cooke


14th Sep 2023 18:24

An item in Starfield has revealed the fate of humanity's best friend and it doesn't bode well for those hoping for canine companions to come to the game.

While the state of the earth in Starfield isn't exactly in the best shape, it seems like humans gave up more than just their home when they fled the planet.

Players have found an item which explains why there are no dogs in space


The notable lack of animals in Starfield has disappointed many players who previously hoped they would be able to have dog or cat companions in the game.

Concept art for Starfield showed cats roaming the ship, which unfortunately did not make it to the final game.

One player took to Reddit to share an item they stumbled across in the game which seems to explain why there are no pets in Starfield.

Chocolate Labs breakfast cereal shows a tin decorated with dog-shaped silhouettes. The item description reads: "Centauri Mills' chocolates, shaped like an extinct canine called a Labrador Retriever."

The description does not specify whether or not labrador retrievers are the only animal from Earth that is now extinct or if this extends to all dogs or pets.

Some players don't believe humans would give up on dogs


Several players who have come across the item or found posts online are saddened and surprised by the lack of dogs in the game.

Many players stated that they would do whatever they could to save their dogs when fleeing to outer space.

"I would literally give up my spot for the same weight in doggos and cats. Could get like 20 cats for one me. No way the entirety of humanity was just like "Yeah screw the animals, humans only," said one user.

Several other people questioned why humans would leave their most beloved pets behind.

One Reddit user commented: "Mankind left earth and didn't bring their best friends. That's some straight BS."

"Idk...considering how important pets are to humans currently, it just seems weird there are none anywhere...just talks of having one," said another commenter. "And we wouldn't let cats and dogs go extinct ever....we have the technology to bring them back if we wanted to too."

Other players simply renounced a technologically advanced future with no dogs.

"I literally saw these last night, I keep a tin on me. If this is the future they can keep their starships and laser guns," one user said.

Another said: "If the future doesn’t have puppies then I don’t want it."


Could dogs come to Starfield?

While there is currently no indication that dogs are coming to the game, many players have called for a canine companion to accompany them on their space journey.

There is a chance that dogs could be added in a future update, in DLC or even just in Starfield mods, which will allow players to live out the dream of walking across an empty planet with no one but a dog by their side.

The wording on the Chocolate Labs could easily mean that only labrador retrievers are extinct, which leaves room for plenty of adorable dog breeds to fly amongst the stars.

Plus, how cute would a dog in a spacesuit be?

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