Starfield Confirms You Can Keep A Pet Cat In Space

Starfield Confirms You Can Keep A Pet Cat In Space
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Tom Chapman


1st Dec 2021 15:30

What a "purrfect" idea. While the icy depths of space can be a sometimes lonely affair, the latest scoop on Bethesda's Starfield confirms you'll be able to keep a furry friend for company.

Bethesda's impressive back catalogue of games is no stranger to giving humans an animal companion, and rivalling Fallout 4's Dogmeat in the "awww" category, it looks like Starfield will let you have a pet cat on your journey through the cosmos. 

How Do We Know There Are Cats In Starfield?

Starfield Cat
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Starfield has already been dubbed The Elder Scrolls in space, which should have you feeling pretty pumped already. Aside from the fact the game is landing as an Xbox exclusive in 2022, Bethesda has finally gone on the marketing assault with fresh details and new concept art.

A seven-minute deep dive video explains what you can expect - with an inadvertent highlight emerging. The video is titled "Into the Starfield: The Endless Pursuit" and shows off some concept art that shows an astronaut, what we assume is his daughter, and a black cat. Hooray, Pussy Galore!

Of course, cats and sci-fi stories go hand in hand. As well as the iconic Jonesy from Alien and Aliens, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has Goose the Cat - which is actually a tentacled alien called a Flerken. 2022 also sees the release of the out-there Stray, with many hoping it will be one of the year's big games.

What Else Do We Know About Starfield?

Starfield Concept
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Bethesda boss Todd Howard gave us plenty to chew over. Explaining why we once again return to first-person, Howard added, "We like being able to touch everything. Those moments make the whole thing believable. Being able to watch the sunset, and nighttime come, and just sit there and watch the world go by. Seems like it's not gameplay, but it is vital to how you feel."

Art Director Matt Carafano claims Starfield has "a more realistic, science-based backing to it", with "a more grounded game and a grounded setting about exploration." Concept art showed everything from sprawling cityscapes to desolate planets and the cramped confines of sleeping quarters. Everything from what characters eat to what they wear was outlined in the video. 

The team explained how Starfield is effectively an "evolved" Bethesda Game Studios game, with many of those who now work at BGS having grown up with previous titles from the acclaimed developer. Importantly, Howard explained how technology has come on so much.

Howard cited the "step out" moments of games - like leaving a vault in Fallout or Helgen in Skyrim. Cryptically, he described two step out moments to look out for in Starfield. As long as we have some sort of pet to come home to, we don't really mind. Either way, Starfield looks like a game that's even grander than we first thought. 


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