Starfield and other Xbox exclusives tipped for PS5 release

Starfield and other Xbox exclusives tipped for PS5 release
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5th Feb 2024 10:30

The future of gaming is facing a major shakeup, as the great console wars of Microsoft versus Sony continue to draw blood. While the debate of console exclusivity remains a major point of contention, it seems that the Green Team could be ready to share.

2023 was a wild year for Microsoft, which finally got its record-breaking $68.7 billion Activision Blizzard King deal across the line. Adding Call of Duty to its already impressive catalogue was a major win, although it soon had the shine taken off it by mass layoffs of 1900 staff across Microsoft's gaming arm. 

Starfield tipped for PS5 launch in 2024

Despite continuing last year's unfortunate trend of layoffs, and even seemingly untouchable franchises like CoD being decimated, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has grand plans to keep expanding. Now, he's raised a few more eyebrows with the idea that those lucrative Xbox exclusives might not be exclusive for long.

We'd heard that the beloved Hi-Fi Rush could be coming to PlayStation, but in an Earth-shattering report, XboxEra broke the news that 2023's Starfield is also coming to PS5 in 2024. Apparently, the sci-fi explorer will hit the rival console after the Shattered Space DLC releases this year. 

We're reminded of Xbox President Sarah Bond hyping Starfield's exclusivity at the 2021's Xbox and Bethesda Games Studios summer showcase, leaving questions about what's changed. We know that PlayStation exclusives including God of War and The Last of Us are playable on PC, but this is a much bigger deal.

Xbox assured us that it would keep sharing the CoDverse with PlayStation, but with all Xbox exclusives potentially coming to rival console, some are claiming that their Xboxes are now "worthless." It's worth nothing that Xbox exclusives will undoubtedly come to PlayStation much later, but still, it's a jaw-dropping notion. 

Xbox fans react to exclusivity rumours

Bethesda Starfield and Vault Boy
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Image via Bethesda

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As you can imagine, this is a seismic shift in strategy that have some questioning WTF is going on over at Xbox HQ. Responding to the XboxEra news, it was clear gamers are divided on the potential of Xbox exclusives coming to PlayStation. 

One said, "Xbox fanbase in shambles rn 😂😭," while another added, "I am very happy I bought a PS5 a few year ago. Feel sorry for those xbox fans that have stuck with xbox since the very start." Someone else asked, "Are the console wars finally over?"

A fourth concluded, "Ludicrous. They’ll preety much kill their console and st the same time leave PlayStation without competition. And we NEED strong competition, otherwise things stagnate and companies get greedier and lazier."

This could be the tip of the iceberg, with The Verge claiming a PS5 port of Bethesda's Indiana Jones will be landing just months after its Xbox and PC. Microsoft has gone to ground on the rumours for now, but with this blowing up, expect to find out soon. Oh well, at least PlayStation fanboys' hopes of playing The Elder Scrolls 6 just took an uptick. 

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