Star Wars fans sue devs over cancelled KOTOR 2 DLC

Star Wars fans sue devs over cancelled KOTOR 2 DLC
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25th Sep 2023 10:50

Some fans are not happy about the situation with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 on Nintendo Switch. When it was first announced, the popular Restored Content mod on PC was revealed as DLC, but after being cancelled, fans have launched a class action lawsuit.

Aspyr Media and Saber Interactive face lawsuit from Star Wars fans

KOTOR 2 gameplay
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The mod is considered so vital that when a KOTOR 2 port was announced for the Nintendo Switch, the Restored Content was confirmed as a DLC. 

However, after being cancelled, fans have been left with an unfinished game, leading some of them to launch a lawsuit against developers Aspyr Media and publisher Saver Interactive. 

The lawsuit, Malachi Mickelonis v. Aspyr Media, Inc. et al, was filed back in July of this year, and according to the document the plaintiffs are demanding a jury trial. 

"In 2022, Defendants advertised KOTOR to users of the video console Nintendo Switch as having never-before released 'Restored Content DLC,' the lawsuit documents state. 

"Plaintiff saw Defendant's advertisements about KOTOR and was drawn by the Restored Content DLC. As a result…Plaintiff purchased KOTOR."

However, the DLC was cancelled in June 2023, with the court document continuing "Plaintiff felt completely duped and was upset he had relied on Defendants' representations that the Restored Content DLC would be released for KOTOR.

"Despite their failure to release KOTOR's Restored Content DLC, Defendants refused to give refunds to purchasers of KOTOR."

While Aspyr did offer Steam codes to players - where the DLC is available as a free mod - not everyone can play games on PC, essentially leaving the consumers with an unfinished game.

According to the lawsuit, Aspyr Media have until October 4 to respond; we'll have to wait and see how seriously Aspyr take it, and whether the plaintiffs have a case they can win in court.

Why is the Restored Content important?

the KOTOR 2 Restored Content mod key art
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Knights of the Old Republic 2 is a notorious missed opportunity, with it being released in such an unfinished state during its initial 2004 launch that there was barely an ending to experience. 

It didn't take long for fans on PC to create the Restored Content mod though, which fixed some glaring issues with the game and reintroduced content that was cut during the end of development due to time constraints. 

It's universally considered the best way to play the game currently, turning an unfinished but promising experience into one of the best Star Wars games - with some calling it superior to the original KOTOR.

It seems unlikely that Switch users will get to experience the Restored Content mod version of the game at this point, but it's possible the lawsuit could force Aspyr's hand.

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