Sorry, High On Life Isn't Coming To PlayStation

Sorry, High On Life Isn't Coming To PlayStation
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Joseph Kime


22nd Dec 2022 10:14

Congratulations, nerds, you've made High on Life yet another Game Pass banger. The new game from the Rick and Morty team at Squanch Games has proven that all you need to make a successful game is an immensely popular writer at the helm.

Hell, Elden Ring proved that tenfold, but unlike the fantasy title, players aren't entirely sure about the game. We're not particularly keen on the game, nor are players who aren't familiar with the creators or its humour - but long-time fans of the space-faring adult animated series are all over it.

Whether players are playing High on Life or hate-playing it, something is working. But, alas, it looks like PlayStation Szechuan-sauce-squealers aren't likely to get their hands on the game.

High On Life Team Praises Game Pass

Sorry, High On Life Isn't Coming To PlayStation
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In an interview with TrueAchievements, the Squanch Games Community Lead Jordyn Halpern has offered some great praise for the Game Pass in the possibilities it has offered High On Life, as well as seemingly squashing implications that the game could sever their deal with Xbox for exclusivity.

"Having Xbox be our partner throughout this process has been an amazing experience, and that absolutely includes our ability to host High On Life day one on Game Pass," she says.

"We want as many people as possible to enjoy our game, and Game Pass as a platform will undoubtedly allow us to expand our audience. Partnering with Microsoft to bring High On Life to Game Pass was a great opportunity for us to bring our game to as many players as possible.

"We've been working on this game for about four years, and they've been nothing short of an unbelievably supportive team from the beginning. Round of applause to Microsoft for helping us bring our game to your screens!"

High On Life Isn't Coming To PlayStation

Given the team's love of Game Pass and the game's ongoing deal of exclusivity, we probably can't expect the game to land on PlayStation any time soon. It might be a shame for fans, but the deal was made clear from reveal, and it looks as though the Game Pass will be the game's permanent home.

It's a good place for it, as it means that players can take it for a spin whether they're familiar with Justin Roiland or not. If that's a good thing is up to them.