Sony gets roasted for ‘money-grabbing’ PS5 Slim add-on

Sony gets roasted for ‘money-grabbing’ PS5 Slim add-on
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Joseph Kime


11th Oct 2023 13:40

We can't just have a normal day in the gaming industry, can we? Out of the blue, October 10 saw a big reveal from Sony - a brand-new model of the PS5 is on the way and aims to hit American shelves in November.

It doesn't end there for the PS5 Slim and its detachable disc drive, as PlayStation plans for the new console to be the only PS5 on the market once the current models sell out.

It was a pretty huge reveal that has shocked players all over the world - but hey, we'll take a new console. Any excuse to spend our hard-earned money, eh? Some players don't quite agree, and they're calling Sony out for it.

Sony is getting blasted for its PS5 Slim Vertical Stand

Disgruntled gamers have taken to the internet to hold Sony accountable for the reveal of the new console, insisting that the new normal for the console isn't the sure-thing that the original was in terms of investment. Though it's aiming for a similar price tag, some think that the console is a scam.

Many users have taken to social media to specifically call out the fact that the vertical stand for the PS5 (that will also be compatible with the current model) is sold separately at a pretty brutal $30/£25.

Most aren't sure that what looks to be a 3D-printed sheet of plastic surrounded by a strange ring of metal is worth the fee. The fact that the console can't stand on its own without an extra accessory is a little silly, especially as it's coming to be the only PS5 on the market.

Gamers unconvinced by the PS5 Slim

Even aside from the vertical stand, there are grumbles that the PS5 Slim isn't the upgrade that Sony thinks it is. One said, "The PS5 Slim Digital is $450 The PS5 Slim standalone disc drive is $70 The PS5 Slim w/ Disc drive is $500. So then what's the point of the detachable drive in the first place????"

Another fumed, "Did the digital edition just increase in price by $50 or am I reading this wrong?" and a third said, "I have been waiting for years for them to make a slim. And the slim isn't cheaper and looks the same. How in the F**K." As for the stand, someone concluded, "This is some Apple business type beat."


Either way, this is the future of Sony, whether we like it or not. Turn out your pockets because PlayStation is coming around again. For many, they're going to wait for the inevitable release of the PS5 Pro Slim.

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