Sony finally has Bloodborne news - but it isn’t enough

Sony finally has Bloodborne news - but it isn’t enough
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7th Jun 2024 10:11

More than just feeling like the black sheep of the Soulsborne family, FromSoftware's Bloodborne is a sadly forgotten member of Sony's first-party lineup. Souls games changed forever when this vampiric romp sucked the life out of the competition in 2015, but nearly a decade later, it still can't step out into the sunlight.

As everything from The Last of Us to Dead Space and even 2018's Spider-Man get the remaster treatment, Bloodborne is left to rot and Yharnam remains untouched. Still, barely a month goes by that we don't hear about some mythical remake, sequel, or PC port. 

Sony trolls us with Bloodborne announcement

We were recently told that a 'major' Bloodborne reveal was coming soon, and while there's been something of a reveal, it was hardly the one we were expecting (or looking for). The underwhelming announcement confirms that a Yharnam Hunter outfit is coming to Astro Bot on PS5.

Sony and Team Asobi have shown off all the preorder bonuses that come with the three editions of Astro Bot, with the Digital Deluxe Edition giving you the aforementioned Yharnam Hunter, a PaRappa Lovestruck Lyricist costume, and Golden Astro Bot.

It seems that Sony is the master of trolling because those at the top know just how much we want to see more from Bloodborne. At this point, we'd simply settle for an official 60 FPS patch. Although it's something of a win that Sony is remembering Bloodborne, fans were equally vexed that it's as an Astro Bot skin. 

One critic grumbled, "'Acknowledged' they acknowledge it all the time. They haven't made a new game because Japan studio is dead and FromSoftware is busy on other stuff & that's all there is to it," while another added, "They know we want Bloodborne more than any other title. I think they’re just saving it for PS6 so we have to buy it."

A third concluded, "The acknowledgement is nice but does anything really come from this? if they don't port this game to PC or remaster it for its 10th anniversary, this might as well just be a kick to my balls." With Bloodborne turning 10 in March 2025, there's plenty of time to rustle up a remaster. Still, we wouldn't hold our breath.

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