Bloodborne movie rumours could be the wildest yet

Bloodborne movie rumours could be the wildest yet
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21st May 2024 13:07

Don't get our hopes up, don't you dare get our hopes up. With Bloodborne once again grabbing headlines, it's (for once) not about the long-rumoured remaster that we're not sure will ever see the light of day. Nor is it about our fanciful hopes of a Bloodborne sequel. So, what about a live-action Bloodborne movie?

PlayStation exclusives have been making waves in the live-action stakes, and while the Tom Holland-led Uncharted wasn't exactly a cinematic masterpiece, HBO's The Last of Us series was as heartbreaking as it was brilliant. There are grand plans for everything from God of War to Ghost of Tsushima to get adaptations, and now, Bloodborne.

Bloodborne movie reportedly in the works

Bloodborne throne
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We'll have to cast our minds back a bit for this one, with noted scooper DanielRPK first throwing out the idea of a live-action Bloodborne movie in November 2023. He's since given us an update in February 2024, claiming Godzilla vs. Kong's Adam Wingard will direct and It's Bill Skarsgård will star. 

While DanielRPK has a reasonably solid track record, there's a wild update from elsewhere. Over on X, account @0AOXO claims that a live-action Bloodborne movie is coming from Sony and will be written by Darren Lemke. Lemke has previously worked on Shrek and Kung Fu Panda, which sounds like a strange combo with Bloodborne.

This "trust me, bro" source goes on to suggest Bloodborne will be released alongside an 'enhanced' version of the game on PS5 and PC. We might've believed some of it, but the account has referred to the game as 'BloodBorne' - come on, you can't even spell the name right. It seems we aren't alone in our scepticism.

Fans tear the Bloodborne rumour to pieces

When the news was shared on the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, gamers were quick to tear the supposed 'leak' apart. One critic laughed, "They are not even trying anymore with the fake rumors," while another added, "My Kung Fu Panda is uncle and he says Bloodborne will be a playable easter egg inside Halflife 3." 

Still, someone else joked, "Honestly, this is the kind of stupidly absurd rumor that ends up being true." Despite Sony leaving Bloodborne to rot as FromSoftware has moved onto the likes of Elden Ring, there's still a lot of love for this gothic Soulslike.

Sadly, Sony's reluctance to return to Bloodborne has us taking anything Yharnam with a pinch of salt. As the months rumble on and Sony's slate of live-action adaptations continue to grow, we're more than a little suspicious that those Bloodborne rumours haven't turned into anything. 

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