Nintendo Finally Kills Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo Finally Kills Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Tom Chapman


15th Nov 2021 10:07

It's a knockout for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as Nintendo officially puts the brutal brawler out to pasture. Three years is a good run for any title, but after we've rumbled up the Fighters Pass and welcomed the likes of Tekken's Kuzuya, Fire Emblem's Byleth, and Kingdom Hearts' Sora, it's time to say our farewells.

We already knew the end was nigh with Sora being the final DLC character, but wasting no time, those from the House of Mario are pulling the plug. All eyes will undoubtedly be on what comes next, but for the time being, we're in a Smash-free era.

Why Has Nintendo Canned Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Although Sora was already confirmed as the last DLC character, Nintendo put the nail in the coffin when the official Smash account said that from November 19, tournaments and Spirit Board events are finished. Instead of adding new events, previous ones will start to recycle. Namely, players are disappointed that the rug has been pulled from underneath us so quickly.

The internet is awash with those who are upset that we're finally waving goodbye to Smash Bros. Ultimate. One player wrote "The last tourney event!" alongside a crying emoji. Another added, "That's disappointing. Seems a bit premature to end all new content this early. Nintendo will never get another opportunity like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate again. Why stop when the game has so much life and potential left?"

What's Next For The Smash Series?

Nintendo hasn't given a definitive reason for why November 19 is the magic date Ultimate is starting to wind down. It's interesting to note that the title originally launched on the Nintendo Switch in December 2018, meaning it'll be nearly three years to the day that events are stopped.

Still, as the best-selling fighting game of all time and having shipped over 25 million copies, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaves behind quite the legacy. It would've been easy for the team to keep milking this cash cow, and with other suggested fighters Crash Bandicoot or Halo's Master Chief being popular choices, it's not hard to imagine more Fighters Pass. Here's hoping at least some of these are saved for the inevitable next chapter in the Smashverse.

Ultimately, we're probably quite a way off an Ultimate sequel. Much like Mario Kart 8, Nintendo has had great success with this fearsome fighter and not said much about what's next. The Switch is still selling great guns, and away from those unsubstantiated rumours of a Switch Pro/Switch 2, the next Smash is likely being saved for whatever comes after the Switch. As the final round bell rings, let's tip our hats to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


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