Skull And Bones HAS To Launch In November

Skull And Bones HAS To Launch In November
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Joseph Kime


30th Jun 2022 11:33

Putting it politely, Skull & Bones has been in the works for some time. The pirate adventure was a point of big hype when it was announced way back in 2017 (being in the works since 2013), but its development has been turbulent... to say the least. We've heard about a Skull & Bones release date, and while we should be excited, we're not.

Delays, reboots, and total radio silence has left fans worried about the future of the game, with many concerned that it simply won't launch whatsoever. But, interestingly, that's the one thing that we can bank on - because the game is apparently set to launch later this year, whether it's finished or not.

Will Skull And Bones Launch In 2022? 

Fans are getting Skull & Bones news that could be equally considered a good and a bad thing. A pretty solid-looking Skull & Bones release date hammers home that it's launching this year. But that's because a pre-existing deal means Ubisoft doesn't have a choice.

Senior reporter for Kotaku Ethan Gach has taken to Twitter to claim that the game, due to the subsidy in place with Singapore's government for the game's development, has no choice but to launch in November. Worse than this, it'll likely set sail with many major features MIA and supposedly added at a later date. Yeah, because that's worked well for Halo Infinite

The game is being made by Ubisoft Singapore, and as a result, it developed a subsidy with the government that demands the game's release by a certain release date - which also explains why Skull & Bones wasn't canned a long time ago.


When Is Skull And Bones Coming Out?

If this claim from Gach is to be believed, it means that finished or not, Skull & Bones is seeing its swashbuckling release on November 8. The game could yet be riddled with bugs a la Cyberpunk 2077, but we're just going to have to wait and see how the long-awaited game could turn out.

It'd be a huge shame to see the naval title that has been in development for so many years turn out unfinished, but sadly, it looks like this could be the outcome of this subsidy. Sorry, pirates - it's back to Sea of Thieves for you.

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