Leaked Skull & Bones Gameplay Proves Ubisoft's Game Is Worth The Wait

Leaked Skull & Bones Gameplay Proves Ubisoft's Game Is Worth The Wait
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Tom Chapman


29th Apr 2022 13:16

Yahar me' earties, fetch the rum for Skull & Bones. While Ubisoft is remembered for the likes of the Tom Clancy games and Assassin's CreedSkull & Bones is a brand-new IP that is dubbed as an open-world tactical action game. Remembering how much fun we had with Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, there are high hopes for these high seas.

Although Skull & Bones was first revealed back in 2017, it's since been hit with delay after delay - begging the question of whether it's more cursed than the Black Pearl. We know that Skull & Bones is coming at some point after April 2022, which is oddly specific. With this in mind, it's ironic that this huge gameplay reveal comes in April. 

What Is The Skull & Bones Leak?

Posting on Reddit, u/Wesam_L shared an apparent Skull & Bones leak that showcases six minutes of footage supposedly from the nautical adventure. The big takeaway is the hub area of Sainte-Anne, which is described as "the centre of pirate activity". We also get to see plenty of pirate pillaging and water warfare.

Whether playing solo or in co-op, we're told that certain missions will have a suggested number of players - enforcing that Skull & Bones is going all-in on its multiplayer potential. Given that it's been rebranded as a "multiplayer first" game, it makes sense. Levelling up through the ranks of being a scurvy deckhand to your very own Blackbeard, you start as an Outcast and rise through around 15 levels of "Infamy".

Looking at the footage, we see player and NPC ships take on enemies, which will apparently involve a general storyline tied together by larger world events. You need to make sure your ship is suitably stocked to keep morale up, and if your vessel is sunk, you can head back to try and collect your cargo. Be warned though, it's also likely that the crew could mutiny and send you back to your last outpost.


Is This Skull & Bones Leak Legitimate?

Skull & Bones Ubisoft
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The video is labelled "technical test build", but doesn't reveal which version of the troubled title it comes from. Skull & Bones faced a massive overhaul last July before it entered its alpha testing phase. If it's from the previous version, there's a chance none of this has made it through to the final build. However, if this is a more recent release, it's a pretty promising look at what's to come. Sadly, the game's official site simply says "coming soon" for the Skull & Bones release date.

In March, Ubisoft raised the mainsail and asked for a select few to apply for testing. Unlike a beta that hints we're close to release, an alpha is a great time for players to work closely with developers to iron out any major kinks. From this latest look, we get a glimpse of a suitably AAA game, inspired by the Indian Ocean and set during the Golden Age of Piracy. Hopefully, this will be the Black Flag sequel we've never had.


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