South America's top eight sides battle it out for their share of $25,000.

20:00, 19 Oct 2020

With its Swiss stage concluded last Friday, South America's Fall Major has narrowed its sixteen-team field down to just eight. Those teams are set to compete in a single-elimination bracket, with $25,000 and a boat-load of RLCS Points to be awarded. Here's everything you need to know about the second of the four Regional Majors.

Key Information:


  • October 23
  • Stream starts at 8am PT | 4pm BST



  • 8-team single elimination bracket

Key Storylines:

The battle between True Neutral and Ellevens Esports is one that has been raging on since the conclusion of Season 9. When True Neutral exploded into the limelight with a spectacular LATAM Championship victory in July, it looked like Ellevens had been knocked off of their pedestal atop the region which they'd held for over a year. However, caard, Tander and Caio recovered well. Standing at the top of both the Regional rankings and Prime Series rankings coming into Friday's bracket, reaching the grand final of both Grand Series regionals (and winning the second one) has firmly placed the Brazilians back on top. It remains to be seen which of the two sides will come out on top but, with both teams sitting on opposite sides of the bracket, they're both favourites to reach that all-important grand final.


South America's big four was another dynasty that crumbled this year, with the twelve players that made up SAM's top teams finally cracking. Nevertheless, 10 of the 24 players playing this weekend are from the Big Four. Juan and math, both without teams and yet to play a series this season, are the only two to miss out, with all of Ellevens, Noble Esports, The Three Sins, and No Mercy's Repi making up the other ten. Only No Mercy and Ellevens face off in the quarterfinals, opening up the possibility for three of the top four to contain big-four members if the higher seeds win their matches (with the other team being True Neutral!) Will the veteran sides come out on top once again, or can eRa Eternity, PDHM Gaming, and Atypical force through an upset or two?

The action kicks off on Friday at 8am PT, with the quarterfinals commencing the seven-match broadcast. As always, stay tuned to GGRecon for more RLCS X news and content.


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