With the Fall Major teams now decided, it’s time to see how Europe’s best sides stack up

18:30, 28 Sep 2020

The third and final European Regional of the Fall Split drew to its conclusion yesterday, with Renault Vitality taking their first Regional of the season after finally taking down Team BDS. With one week of The Grid and the Major remaining before the first split of RLCS X is over, let’s take a look at this week’s Power Rankings.


#10: Team Liquid (-3) - kuxir97 / Speed / fruity

Oh, Liquid. What’s gone wrong? Missing out on the Fall Major after yet another disappointing Regional finish means that the former mousesports side slide down the rankings. With one week left of The Grid, Liquid have some serious questions to answer before the Winter Split begins.

#9: Oxygen Esports (-3) - Ferra / Chaussette45 / AztraL

Oxygen finally reached Stage Two of a Regional and qualified for the Fall Major in the process. However, that’s just about where the positives end for the French side as they lost to Libertas, Galaxy Racer and Endpoint to miss out on the Playoffs. However, that Major spot is hugely important and a strong finish there could see OXG fly back up the rankings.

#8: Galaxy Racer (+0) - Mitten / eekso / arju

The former Monkeys side continued their strong form after being signed, reaching the quarterfinals of the Regional before ultimately falling to FC Barcelona. With organisational backing now secured, things are only going to get better for the former Rival Series side.

#7: Guild Esports (-2) - noly / ThO. / Scrub

It seems a little harsh for Guild to fall two spots after another top-eight finish in the Regional. However, their fall comes as a result of FC Barcelona and Endpoint’s even stronger Regional performances, and Guild will need to leapfrog them back once The Grid and Fall Major are finished.

#6: FC Barcelona (+3) - Deevo / Ronaky / Itachi

A strong semifinal appearance pushes FC Barcelona back up the rankings once again, with more consistency required for the Spanish Football club to push themselves up into the top five. Could this be the time where they’re able to hold onto their strong form?

RLCS X Power Rankings

#5: Endpoint (+5) - Virtuoso / RelatingWave / Metsanauris

Endpoint were staring another lower-end ranking in the face before coming alive on Sunday. Wins over Top Blokes and FC Barcelona pushed the British organisation into their first Regional final and, although Vitality eventually took them down, Endpoint's run launches them up five places, and they'll be looking to keep their strong form going.

#4: Vodafone Giants (+0) - Tox / Zamué / Stake

Tox's ban midway through the Regional means that the Giants' results can't really count for much. They stay in fourth for now, with Top Blokes in sight.

#3: Top Blokes (+0) - FlamE / Kassio / archie

Top Blokes went 6-0 in the two Swiss stages of the Regional, making many fans eager to see how far they could go. However, a surprising loss to Endpoint put the former Veloce side out at their lowest Regional finish. Top eight is definitely nothing to laugh at, but Top Blokes will be looking to return to the final stages of the Fall Major.

#2: Team BDS (-1) - MaRc_By_8. / M0nkey M00n / Extra

Back to second place they go. Team BDS finally lost to Renault Vitality in a Regional, putting the French side down to second place after what had been an incredibly strong Regional run-up to that point. With two more events to secure the top spot once again, the pressure is mounting on the Swiss organisation to put in a strong Major performance.

#1: Renault Vitality (+1) - Fairy Peak / Kaydop / Alpha54

They've done it! Renault Vitality have finally beaten BDS and won a Regional, putting them back on top of the European standings.




That's it for this week, congratulations to Renault Vitality and we'll be back next week after the final Grid event. In the meantime, stay tuned to GGRecon for more RLCS X content.

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