'Blue' gotta be kidding me?

09:43, 29 Jul 2020

Riot Games has cleared up the drama after League of Legends (LoL) fans found an 11-year-old bug that made Blue Siege Minions slightly stronger than red ones. While picking between red and blue might not seem like a big deal, plays discovered Blue Minions have a slight advantage - of 20 attack units - over their Red Siege Minion counterparts.

Reddit user Caenen_ unearthed the revelation in some old game files and explained how Blue Siege Minions are set with an attack range 300 units, compared to Red's 280 units. Those tiny Minions have been bravely firing their cannons since LoL's  Alpha, so it's crazy to think one side has been ahead this entire time. 

Red Siege Minion

To check their facts, Caenen_ used Syndra’s W ability to throw both Red and Blue Minions. They noted that after being thrown, the Red Siege Minion had to move slightly before they could attack. Thankfully, Riot Games designer RiotPhlox has waded in on the isuee and promised a fix in the Public Beta Environment.

Red Siege Minion

Ironically, RiotPhlox said they'd discovered the exact same bug a few weeks ago and had spent two hours checking how long it's been lurking in League of Legends. Aiming to balance the Red and Blue Siege Minion playing field, they wrote, "Anyways, the very fabric of league of legends is probably gonna break and minions will never be the same after this. (It seems pretty much the same on internal environments tbh). What a wild bug, and what a hilarious coincidence".

There's been a long debate about the blue side winning more games, with some claiming it was the layout of Summoner’s Rift map giving an advantage. For now though, the Red Siege Minion fix has been sent to 10.16 PBE and will hopefully launch alongside the full patch. Problem solved!


Images via Riot Games 

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