Resident Evil Village VR Will Be Free On PSVR2

Resident Evil Village VR Will Be Free On PSVR2
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15th Dec 2022 16:04

To those brave souls who made it through Resident Evil 7 VR, we salute you. Now, Capcom is gearing up for the release of Resident Evil Village

As a much-hyped addition to 2021's eighth mainline Resident Evil game, the VR version of Village is sure to make this gothic horror an even scarier experience. Prepare to see Ethan Winters lose limbs like never before. 

When Is Resident Evil Village VR Coming Out?

According to a PlayStation blogResident Evil VR is coming out on February 22, 2023. Better yet, it's coming as a completely free DLC for PSVR2.

Kanda Tsuyoshi hyped the release of the VR port that was first announced in June. Remembering that RE7 took the franchise into first-person for the first time in 2017, we'd always hoped Village would let us get up close and personal with Lady Dimitrescu. 

Tsuyoshi confirms that all the main campaign will be able to play through the Village VR Mode, meaning Ethan Winter's harrowing mission to rescue his daughter will get a whole new point of view.

The souped-up PSVR2 offers a 4K HDR display (2000×2040 per eye), 3D audio so you can hear the Four Lords from every angle, and enhanced touch via the PSVR2 Sense controllers.

How Can You Play Resident Evil Village VR?

Getting Resident Evil Village VR for nothing is a tempting prospect, but it's not quite what it seems. you'll need either the base Village game or the recently released Gold Edition to play the VR DLC. Also, be warned that the mode needs to be downloaded separately. 

Unfortunately, there's no mention of whether the beloved Mercenaries mode will be part of the VR release. Village joins Horizon: Call of the Mountain as a day one PSVR 2 release, meaning Sony is really trying to justify that $550/£530 price tag

This improved level of immersion will make Village scarier than ever. The game might've not been as scary as RE7 in general, but we all know there were more than enough jump scares and atmospheric scenes to have us shaking at the thought of replaying in VR.

Whether you're new to Village or fancy giving it another go, the release of its VR mode is sure to see an uptick in players. Seriously though, good luck to anyone who fancies playing the House Beneviento section in VR. 

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