Resident Evil Village Has Officially Shrunk Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village Has Officially Shrunk Lady Dimitrescu
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Tom Chapman


11th Oct 2022 13:51

You know when you look at chocolate bars and complain that they look smaller than when you were younger, don't be fooled by those that say it's just because you're an adult - your favourite treats are shrinking. It turns out it isn't just confectionary that's shrinking, as apparently, Resident Evil Village has put Lady Dimitrescu through the wash. 

Before the eighth mainline Resident Evil released in 2021, we doubt Capcom knew how popular Lady Alcina Dimitrescu would be. As the poster girl of the game's Castle demo - and towering above the rest of the heads of the Four Houses - Lady D became an internet sensation in fan art and saucy fan fiction. She stood out because of her massive height, so what's the deal, why has Capcom shrunk Lady Dimitrescu?

Why Has Capcom Shrunk Lady Dimitrescu?

Lady Dimitrescu Mercenaries
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In an interview with Polygon, Resident Evil Village Winters’ Expansion Game Director Kento Kinoshita explained everything you need to know about third-person perspectives, the Shadows of Rose DLC, and the long-awaited Mercenaries mode. Easily the "biggest" draw of Mercenaries is that you'll be able to play as Lady D.

Kinoshita said that the team wanted to keep the core of Lady Dimistrescu while still making her feasibly playable. Namely, while she's still much bigger than any Mercenaries character, she's been downsized from her gargantuan height of 9'6". "Lady Dimitrescu's height brought up a lot of challenges during development," said Kinoshita, "But in the end we were able to implement her with a giant stature, taller than any of the other characters."

To stop Lady D clipping through the ceiling, the team had to shave a little off the top. "For The Mercenaries, it's necessary that the player can control their character easily, and to make that possible we did adjust her height to a little under nine feet tall," added Kinoshita. In Mercenaries, he promised, "The player just barely avoids bumping into the ceiling." Given the chance to take on Chris Redfield or Karl Heisenberg by slicing and dicing them as that villainous vampire sounds like a lot of fun.


Which Characters Are Returning For Resident Evil 9?

Resident Evil 9
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Resident Evil Village's Mercenaries promises to overhaul the fan-favourite mode we've come to love since it debuted in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, but sadly, it also marks the end of the road. Although the upcoming Resident Evil 9 was pitched as the concluding chapter of the Winters Trilogy, we now know Shadows of Rose will round off that story. This means we're going somewhere completely new in RE9.

Whether there will be the introduction of a brand-new protagonist to take over from Ethan and Rose remains to be seen, but either way, we're guessing more familiar faces will be stopping by for this apocalyptic adventure. The end of Village gave a time jump and mention of Chris Redfield, so he's likely back as an even more grizzled version of the T-virus veteran. Alongside whispers that Jill Valentine could make her return, there's a strong case to be made for Ada Wong. All bets are off, but sadly, make the most of Lady D because she's being confined to the crypt after Village

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