Resident Evil 4 remake nearly had a 'sexier' Ada Wong

Resident Evil 4 remake nearly had a 'sexier' Ada Wong
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Tom Chapman


10th Oct 2023 14:49

Few characters have been done quite as dirty as Resident Evil's Ada Wong. While it's true that Jill Valentine has been cast aside (MIA since Resident Evil 5), she retained her popularity thanks to the likes of 2019's Resident Evil 2 remake and the Resident Evil: Death Island movie. 

When it comes to Ada Wong, it's an altogether more tragic affair. Capcom has kept her relevant and gave Albert Wesker's woman on the ground a whole arc in Resident Evil 6, but she's been victim to an oddly toxic fandom. Couple that with Ada being cut from Resident Evil Village, and she's had it rough.

Resident Evil 4 leaks 'sexy' Ada Wong design

As reported by Niche Gamer, the Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways beta has a skimpier outfit for Ms. Wong. Although it's Ada's classic colour scheme of red and black, we see an exposed back and peek at her cleavage. It's not exactly the most practical wardrobe choice, but that's not the only issue. 

Given that Capcom went out of its way to overhaul Ada's appearance from the sultry red dress she wore in 2005's original RE4, we can see why the developers went with a more muted design for the main campaign and her Separate Ways' DLC. 

Modders clearly liked this new Ada look, adding it back into the game (via Nexus Mods) if you want to show off a little more flesh. Many were clearly a fan of Ada's nixed outfit, with one writing, "Game devs are cowards nowadays smh." Another added, "Outfit looks sooo good." Still, you'll have to accept that it wasn't to Capcom's liking.

Could Ada Wong return in Resident Evil 9?

Ada Wong Resident Evil remake 2023
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While there have been a slew of Resident Evil 9 leaks, Capcom is yet to give anything the official nod just yet. One prominent leak claimed that Chris Redfield will once again be the lead, with a female bioweapon accompanying him and a fight against wendigos. 

The other big one is that Jill will be making her long-awaited return, while other classic characters are expected to stop by. Ada would be a popular addition, and despite the backslash voice actor Lily Gao has faced, there are legions of Ada fans who need to see more of her.

Thankfully, Separate Ways looks like it's arrived at just the right time to bring Ada back to the mainstream and remind us why she's one of the baddest women in gaming. Expanding on the 2005 version and giving Ada her time in the spotlight, there are even calls for her to get her own standalone game. Make it happen, Capcom. 

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