Resident Evil 4 Remake Is The Latest Game That Could Be Delayed

Resident Evil 4 Remake Is The Latest Game That Could Be Delayed
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Tom Chapman


17th Jan 2023 13:53

We're shuffling toward Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake, and while it's tipped to be one of 2023's biggest games, could it be slipping from its proposed release date?

Capcom has been on a winning streak, with its Resident Evil remakes in 2019 and 2020 being chart-topping successes. We know RE4 is coming this year, but if you're excited to play on March 24, you might want to hold your expectations.

Has Resident Evil 4 Been Delayed?

Resident Evil 4 Remake Steam
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Although we're closer than ever to the Resident Evil 4 remake, there are worrying reports that it's about to be shunted from its release window... at least on PC.

If you head over to Steam, the Resident Evil 4 remake release date has been changed from March 24 to "coming soon." This close to release, it would be more annoying than Ashley Graham herself to have RE4 slip.

Then again, in an era where everything from Hogwarts Legacy to God of War Ragnarok has faced multiple delays, we wouldn't be surprised. PC releases are notoriously tricky, and with The Callisto Protocol being particularly panned for its port, Capcom likely wants to get it right.

Even if RE4 was delayed on PC, that doesn't mean it won't hit March 24 on other platforms. As well as PS5 and Xbox Series, we know a last-gen PS4 version is on the way. There are reports Xbox One players are also in luck - but it hasn't been confirmed.

Will Resident Evil 4 Be Delayed?

We'll put our reputation on the line here and say, no, Resident Evil 4 won't be delayed on PC. There was a recent incident where Hogwarts Legacy also switched to "coming soon," which was cleared up by Warner Bros. Interactive as a mistake.

In an interview with Famitsu, Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi promised the game is in its "final spurt" of the development process, while asking us to "wait just a little longer." It hardly sounds like a game that's about to be delayed.

RE4 also got an official ESRB rating of mature, which is typically one of the last stages before release. Whatever is going on with Steam release dates right now, the publisher needs to stop giving us heart palpitations.

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