Avalanche Software Might've Secretly Delayed Hogwarts Legacy (Again)

Avalanche Software Might've Secretly Delayed Hogwarts Legacy (Again)
Avalanche Software

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Tom Chapman


13th Jan 2023 13:11

At this point, we're ready to send a Howler to Warner Bros. Interactive because we're not sure Hogwarts Legacy will ever actually release.

The open-world Harry Potter game has been out in the aether since 2018, and while its pre-order sales point to it being one of 2023's biggest games, there's the small problem of actually getting your hands on it first.

If being embroiled in the controversial comments of J.K. Rowling and accusations of antisemitic goblins wasn't bad enough, how about the slew of delays that have cast a Dark Mark above that famed school for witchcraft and wizardry?

Has Hogwarts Legacy Been Delayed Again?

It's a struggle to keep up with the various Hogwarts Legacy release dates, but if WB sticks to its proposed schedule, the Digital Deluxe and Collector's Editions launch on February 7, with a general release on February 10 for new-gen consoles and PC.

PS4 and Xbox One owners are stupefied until April 4, and let's spare a thought for Nintendo Switch muggles who have to wait until July 25. We'd tread with caution when it comes to all of the above because there are fears the PC release is being shunted.

Over on Reddit, u/Senval-Nev has spotted that the game's Steam listing has moved from February 10 to "coming soon." Even if it's still on track for its PC release, it's not good that anyone is fiddling with dates this close to release.

Will Hogwarts Legacy Get A New PC Release Date?

Given the numerous delays we've faced - and the fact the last-gen ports will release after the new-gen ones - we wouldn't be surprised if the PC release also slips.

Then again, all might not be what it seems. In the replies, one fan pointed out it could be a bug because Forspoken (coming out in January) has a bug that says "Coming Coming Soon." It's not affecting every game though, as the Dead Space remake still displays its Jan 27 release.

Warner Bros. has seemingly put the issue to bed. When someone pointed this out on Twitter, WB. Interactive responded and reiterated the PC release is still locked in for February 10. Then again, wouldn't you say that to calm things if you need to make a delay announcement in the next few days?

While the publisher promises Hogwarts Legacy will still come to PC on February 10, we've been burned before. We won't believe anything until we're soaring over the grounds on our broomsticks.

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