Resident Evil 4 fans won’t stop turning Ashley into a mouse

Resident Evil 4 fans won’t stop turning Ashley into a mouse
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4th Apr 2023 10:54

"Squeak. Help, squeak, help me, Leon!" Moushley Graham needs your help in the Resident Evil 4 remake. If there's one character that needed a rework more than most in Capcom's new-gen reimagining, it was Ashley Graham.

The whiny daughter of President Graham hasn't exactly aged well, with the biggest problem being she was like an inappropriate schoolgirl despite supposedly being 20. Ashley got the much-needed revamp for 2023, but with it, her mouse-like appearance from 2005 was also changed...or was it?

Resident Evil 4's Mouse Ashley explained



Even though Ashley's comedically large ears have been tucked behind her hair in the Resident Evil 4 remake, that hasn't stopped players from comparing her to those cheese-loving critters. Now, we've become obsessed with turning her into a mouse like we're in a Harry Potter Transfiguration class. 

The origin of Moushley/Moushly can be traced back to @Agrimmora sharing fan art on March 24. The idea soon took hold when the OP asked, "What if you booted up Resident Evil 4 Remake and Ashley was just a tiny mouse. What would you do?" 

Basically, the notion that Moushley would be a pint-sized version of her human form that you still have to protect would arguably make things easier. You could just pop her in your pocket instead of constantly rescuing her from scythe-swinging Los Illuminados monks. 

Moushley/Moushly even has a Know Your Meme page, showing how popular she is, while a quick search of #Moushley comes up with a tonne of fan art. From drawings inspired by The Rescuers to a Tom & Jerry-esque crossover, we've seen it all. Importantly, even Capcom has taken note of the Moushley movement.

Capcom loves Moushley

Much like our obsession with Lady Dimitrescu stepping on us, Moushley has become an internet sensation overnight. Capcom soon joined in on the fun, sharing a cheese and mouse emoji and blowing up the internet.

With eager players taking this to mean Moushley is now canon, what does this mean for the future of the franchise? We've heard about an Ada Wong Separate Ways DLC is on the way, but just imagine if Capcom gave us an official Moushley expansion - we can but dream. 

Surprisingly, we haven't seen the loyal modding community create Moushley, yet. It seems they're too busy making NSFW nude Ashley mods instead of turning her into a mouse (go figure). Still, as Moushley threatens to become more famous than actual Ashley, her arrival in mod form is just a whisker away. 

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