The Terror Beneath's tunnel ability has just become much more effective with this latest mechanic.

15:33, 04 Aug 2020

League of Legends has many complex characters, with abilities that can turn a game on its head in a heartbeat. Whether using clutch kills, solo tanking a turret or saving the squad with a huge stun, each character has the ability to change the game for their team, and Rek’Sai is one of those.

The Void Burrower is described as a merciless apex predator that tunnels through the earth to ambush and devour her prey. The tunnels that she creates can allow her to dip in and out of confrontations swiftly, and also allows her to stealthy smite steal and allow fellow teammates to reap the rewards.

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A new dimension of Rek’Sai's tunnel has been discovered, allowing the Sand Mother to pass through two walls instead of just the one, making her ability twice as effective. YouTuber TheNoghri Coaching has discovered that if you place the exit of the tunnel by the side of a wall, you can access it from the other side, allowing for quick exits from dangerous situations. The clip below shows how this possible

As you can see, her ability makes it so that she can tunnel much further, creating safer routes and steals, and could also be used to sneak up on opponents to get kills and change the tide of a game.

The Terror Beneath isn’t normally one of the first names on the typical five-person roster and joins a variety of characters that can summon the void, such as Kai’Sa and Malzahar, but with this feature she may very well begin to increase with popularity.

Combined with her attacks, Queen’s Wrath and Tremor Sense, Rek’Sai becomes a much more viable option given that she can pick off lone rangers and retreat to further distances allowing her teammates to pick of the rest of the team and advance on the enemies turrets or head back in the jungle of Summoner’s Rift, earning bonuses that will help overcome then enemy.

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Image via Riot Games

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