Red Dead Online Player Set To Lose $1 Million Over Stadia

Red Dead Online Player Set To Lose $1 Million Over Stadia
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Tom Chapman


25th Oct 2022 14:25

The hangman's noose is calling once again, and if you thought Red Dead Online was already having a tough time after being all but abandoned by Rockstar Games, players are set to face more heartache for the cowboy caper. This time, the surprise shuttering of Google Stadia means some could be losing out big time.

While the premise of turning Rockstar's popular IPs into online multiplayers proved to be a goldmine for GTA Online spinning off from GTA V, lighting didn't strike twice with Red Dead Online. Although you've got the same engaged fan base who love to cosplay as cowboys and Indians, we've been struck by Wild West woes since its release in 2019. 

What's Going On With Red Dead Online?

With Stadia being shown to the graveyard, there are worries that those who've been playing RDO on the defunct platform will lose their rootin' tootin' adventure. Youtuber ItsColourTV was originally worried he'd lose the 6,000 hours he'd put into the game, but was thrown a live preserver when Rockstar itself stepped in to confirm Red Dead Online players can transfer currencies and experience from Stadia using the Rockstar Social Club.

This should be the end of the drama, but apparently, it's not. ItsColourTV has shared reports from others about Rockstar's stipulation that you need to have played Red Dead Online in the last 30 days. Posting on Twitter, ItsColourTV said they've heard from someone who will lose 1.3k Gold Bars, 662 ranks, and $1 million of in-game currently under Rockstar's current ruling.

Highlighting a plethora of problems, ItsColourTV wrote, "To my knowledge - I have only heard from five players who have been successful in their transfer, out of the nearly three years I've been playing in this community, meeting hundreds of players in many different posses/groups." It suggests that Rockstar doing the bare minimum of announcing the ability to transfer isn't as simple as it sounds.


Angry Fans React To Red Dead Online

As Rockstar makes you leap through flaming hoops for a title it's left to rot like the zombies of Undead Nightmare, it's another grim picture of how desolate RDO is right now. Responding to the latest debacle, one critic wrote, "The 30 day condition is too strict, especially given how little updates RDO has received lately." Another fumed, "That’s terrible… it’s always one step forward, two steps back with Rockstar. I really hope this works out for him."

A third raged, "Both companies (rockstar and stadia) are bad at communication. I am also going to lose everything with this stupid, unneeded rule. Everything about the shut down came out of the blue. Yes we could see Stadia was slowing down but not a full shutdown. And no new content from RDO." There are numerous bits of seasonal content and outlaw passes that you will never be able to buy again - which suddenly makes the $1 million seem pretty small. Hopefully, Rockstar will rectify this injustice... but don't count on it.

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