Red Dead Online Player Has Five-Year Plan To 'Save' It

Red Dead Online Player Has Five-Year Plan To 'Save' It
Rockstar Games

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Joseph Kime


18th Feb 2022 13:30

Not quite the money maker that GTA Online is, and not quite giving players the same experience as Red Dead Redemption 2, the online game has been a little neglected by its developers, and it's likely down to the fact that the game simply isn't reaching everyone it wanted to. But those who love it, love it.

Fans are incredibly dedicated to the multiplayer wild west romp, and though it hasn't been particularly well maintained, players are making do and robbing trains with their pals regardless.

Some fans expect that the game might not last much longer - but one player has a plan to save it.

Red Dead Online Fan Comes Up With Five-Year Rescue Plan

One dedicated Red Dead Online fan has devised a full plan for Rockstar Games to follow that could shoot some life into the game and keep it from its inevitable closure.

The full plan spans 13 pages and was devised by gtabase regular Yangy, expressing how the game can bring itself back from the brink with updates containing new items, skills, minigames and more.

"Red Dead Online has been struggling, and whilst I'm not a game designer or business expert, I believe my ideas can help," says Yangy in the article's 'justification' section. "Many speculate Rockstar haven't been giving RDO the love it deserves due to low player counts, so they can't justify spending more on the game, which further leads to dwindling player counts. I believe my ideas will help boost player counts, and in turn, consumer spending."

What's In The Five-Year Plan?

Yangy's plan is extensive and contains a lot of interesting details that, to their credit, would likely bring players back to the game, with a bunch of new players in tow too.

The article is defined by its update ideas, containing the likes of a Saint Denis Fight Club, a wealth of quality-of-life changes in the Living Frontier update, and a whole three-update arc that plays out over a long period of time.

The idea is incredibly extensive and a lot of work for a fan. Though it's not likely a similar plan will materialise from Rockstar Games, who knows - they could end up taking notes from Yangy. Red Dead Online drastically needs it.


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