Red Dead Online Is Holding Its Own Funeral

Red Dead Online Is Holding Its Own Funeral
Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


6th Jul 2022 10:26

We're heading to the hangman's noose, as Red Dead Online fans are dressing in their best finery for the death of Rockstar's Wild West MMORPG. It's only been three years since this cowboy caper spun off into its own online world, but already, the death knell rings loud in our ears. 

Rockstar Games has found great success with GTA Online, as the GTA V spin-off helped the mainline game become the most profitable entertainment product of all time. If it wasn't for GTA OnlineGTA V would've likely died off years ago. Sadly, lightning hasn't struck twice, and for months now, players have claimed Rockstar has abandoned Red Dead to the wolves. 

Is Red Dead Online Dead?

As spotted by PCGamesN, fan account Red Dead News is rallying the troops and called for us to take the fight to the doors of the Rockstar Games HQ (albeit virtually) with Red Dead Online's very own funeral. Dressing all in black, players are asked to show their solidarity on July 13. 

The tweet reads, "Who's up for it then? A funeral to celebrate one year of Red Dead Online being abandoned?" It also encourages you to share your pictures under the hashtags of #RedDeadFuneral and #SaveRedDeadOnline. At the time of writing, 4.1k fans have thrown their support behind the idea, meaning July 13 should be pretty busy in Red Dead Online

In the replies, Rockstar was hung, drawn, and quartered by angry gamers. "Already had a funeral for RDO 6 months ago, but I'll attend another," wrote one. Another added, "It's really disgusting that Rockstar would give up on Red Dead just like that. It's only been 4 years and they're already giving up. I honestly don't even care for their success at this point. Their downfall started with the so great 'Expanded and Enhanced' and now this?!" A third simply shared the famous coffin dance meme.

What's Next For Red Dead Online? 

July 13 is a special day, as it marks exactly one year since Red Dead Online's Blood Money update. Earlier this year, #SaveRedDeadOnline started doing the rounds amidst rumours Rockstar had slashed the team to a fraction of its former size. Things have got so bad with RDO, players have even come up with their own five-year plan to save it

Over in GTA Online, things are still soaring, with continued rumours it's about to get a massive GTA 4 expansion. While GTA Online usually gets two big updates a year, RDO has been left to wallow in its own filth. It's true that GTA Online found a resurgence thanks to the introduction of Heists in 2015, so there's a glimmer of hope that Red Dead Online could follow suit. Until then, expect funerals to become a regular occurrence in-game. Ah RDO, we hardly knew ye. 

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