Real-Life Resident Evil First-Aid Spray Will Cost You Hundreds

Real-Life Resident Evil  First-Aid Spray Will Cost You Hundreds
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Tom Chapman


13th Jan 2023 17:16

After 27 years of playing Resident Evil games, we're sure you'll be pretty parched right now. Don't worry, there's a new line of Resiverse-themed drinks that'll be sure to quench your thirst... if you've got enough lei.

Since Capcom first released the OG Resident Evil in 1996, we've seen everything from giant statues to replicas of Leon S. Kennedy's jacket. When we got the Resident Evil 2 remake in 2019, there was even a $1000 Premium Version that came with a typewriter.

Just when we think we've seen the most outlandish RE merch there is, how about spending hundreds on a case full of non-alcoholic cocktails? If you aren't sold, how about if they looked like first-aid cans from the shuffling series?

What Are The Resident Evil First-Aid Drinks?

Resident Evil Drink
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Over on GameFlavor you can pick up the Resident Evil First-Aid Drink Collector's Box, - just in time for Capcom's upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake. When you need to recharge as Leon, slurp one of these down. 

GameFlavor has previously collaborated with Animal Crossing, so safe to say, this is a very different line of merchandise. Coming in a pricey €199, which works out at around $215/£175. 

Included are 10 spray cans that look like real-life replicas of the ones used by our heroes - flavoured as cucumber, lime, and mint. There are also tins disguised as save ribbons, with each helping change the colour of your non-alcoholic cocktails. 

There are only 4750 of these uniquely numbered crates, a spray cap to modify your cans after drinking, a certificate of authenticity, and GameFlavor's Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector's Box Artbook. We'll admit it's a pretty cool set, but yikes, look at that price.

When Does The Resident Evil 4 Remake Release?

A lot of brands got in on the franchise's 25th-anniversary hype in 2021, but following this and the release of Resident Evil Village, the Resiverse hasn't slowed down.

We know Resident Evil 9 is on the way, while the Resident Evil 4 remake is poised to be one of 2023's biggest games. Speaking of which, the overhauled version of the 2005 GameCube lands on March 24 and promises to deliver.

As well as being scarier and adding more Ada Wong, the latest rumours suggest the villainous Albert Wesker could be added to the game. Capcom has done amazingly well with its remakes, and by the looks of it, RE4 will continue this trend. 

We can't wait to try and rescue Ashley Graham (as much as we'd sometimes like to leave her to the zombies), but there might be a better way to play than with a can of expensive cucumber, lime, and mint first-aid spray in your hand.

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