Potential GTA 6 tease hypes GTA V character’s return

Potential GTA 6 tease hypes GTA V character’s return
Images via Blast Crew on YouTube

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Megan Cooke


15th Sep 2023 18:26

A new video posted by Bryan Zampella and Shawn Fonteno seems to be hinting at something big for the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

The actors are both connected to GTA, with Fonteno playing Franklin in GTA 5 and Zampella expected to be acting as one of the protagonists in the upcoming GTA 6 game.

A new video seems to be teasing something big for GTA

A new video, posted on YouTube by Blast Crew, sees Zampella and Fonteno confronted as they have an artefact, which is known to be incredibly dangerous, tucked away in a briefcase.

Along the way, Zampella encounters a decoy pilot who was hired by a gang called the Druids. Despite the interruption, the duo are able to leave in their private jet, taking the case with them.

The video ends with the briefcase being opened and the two actors reacting in shock to its contents. Of course, the audience doesn’t get to see what’s inside.

What could the video mean?

While there are no direct mentions of GTA in the video, there are hints at what the future game could hold.

The biggest part of the short film which has fans of the GTA franchise excited is the ending, which many people think may suggest that the next instalment, GTA 6, could be revealed soon.

Similarly, Zampella and Fonteno interacting with one another has led some fans to believe that Franklin may be returning in GTA 6, alongside Zampella. While this is not confirmed, it would not be the first time that Franklin has appeared outside of GTA 5, as he was a playable character in GTA Online.

Another hint could include mentions of a group called the Druids, which could potentially pop up in the future game.

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