Police trolled by Grand Theft Auto mugshot

Police trolled by Grand Theft Auto mugshot
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Jack Marsh


16th Mar 2023 14:43

Real-life NPCs are causing havoc. Avatars have become increasingly lifelike in recent years, with the likes of EA spinning your face through software and plonking it on a FIFA Pro-clubs character next to Messi and Ronaldo. 

In a bid to catch a young man who was part of a hit-and-run assault in the United Kingdom, the police have released a digital sketch of the assailant on social media. Instead of the public coming to their aid, they've been ridiculing the Grand Theft Auto-like mugshot.

UK police mocked for GTA mugshot

The Avon and Somerset constabulary in the UK opened up its hunt to the public by quizzing, "Can you help us find the man in this E-fit?" He's accused of punching another man multiple times in the face, leading to medical care for a swollen jaw and a nosebleed.

However, the attached image was a pixellated mugshot, rather than a CCTV clip, and it's being blasted as something from an old-school GTA game or a Nintendo Mii character. "Have you looked for him in GTA 3," joked one member of the public on Twitter.

The extremely low-quality picture was compared to something out of the 2001 Liberty City setting, as you could imagine the pixellated flat-top character walking down an alley murmuring, "Ah s**t, here we go again."

Gaming fans mock UK police over digital e-fit mugshot

Other people compared the mugshot to the animated Officer Lister from Monster House and even Will Smith's look in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

"He is described as black, of slim build, thought to be in his late-20s to early 30s, with short, black hair which is shaved at the sides," wrote the Avon and Somerset police, and he was also "wearing a white coat with grey tracksuit bottoms."

Of course, they won't have much luck scouting Liberty City as there are plenty of aggressive men on the loose. Let's just hope he doesn't go full GTA-mode and start heisting banks and stealing cars, too.
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